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This is the artefact(oid)

(Another slightly updated elderly posting which would seem to want to live out its limited readership on this blog.)

I was trying to distinguish my various sites from each other using only the power of my feeble brain (which resembles one of those energy-saving bulbs when you first switch it on, only it never gets brighter: inside my head there’s only eighteenth century electricity). 343 more words


The Roman Spork

(An old facebook note that felt a bit out on a limb back there, deep under the surface of the idiot moment.)

Those of us who, due to organisational ineptness, have found themselves trying to eat spaghetti with a spoon, may have had occasion to reflect that, in cultures not blessed with chopsticks, the invention of noodles must have led swiftly and directly to the invention of the fork. 474 more words


Contemporary Scottish Poetry

(This piece was written for the Poetry International Website as part of an editorial job undertaken at the request of the Poetry Society in 2006. I posted new work by Tracey Herd and David Kinloch. 584 more words


Scotlit's subliminal awards

(A version of this article appeared in Scotland on Sunday in January 2004. It reflects on the shift in policy on the part of the Scottish Arts Council from giving a series of small awards to giving one large one.) 767 more words