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Old age is no place for sissies

Bette Davis said it she fought breast cancer.   If you want to enjoy old age, you’ve got to be brave and try things you’ve never done before. 150 more words

Things Old People Say #1

I work at a small gym consisting of mostly eldely people and I have heard some pretty entertaining conversations. I decided to start recording some of them. 41 more words

Book Reviews

Lessons From The Elderly — Discover

Considerations when serving the elderly. We have too much to learn:

“I looked down at my now sleeping Mom. She was laying there naked faced, no lipstick, her thinning hair completely flattened and messy, and wrapped in a flimsy, faded hospital gown.

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The Boy on the Subway III; WW - May 26, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Writing Wednesday! Sorry that this wasn’t posted yesterday; i was really busy with my family. This is from the perspective of an innocent bystander who saw the fight in Mark I. 880 more words

Convalescent Home Sat./No TD Fri.

Hey TD,

Just a reminder that we will have our monthly convalescent home visitation on Saturday, from 10 a.m. – noon.  This is an essential ministry for TD, one that we’ve been doing since the 1980’s. 33 more words

The Elderly Should Be Resistance Training, too.

Last week’s post was the first in my series of articles regarding squats. Today, I want to break down a few research articles detailing the benefits of resistance training for the elderly, which includes weight bearing squats, potentially progressing into loaded squats. 1,487 more words