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Secret to Longevity

We humans, along with several other higher species, need elders and elders need us. From our early ancestors to today, this need is coded into our biology and shapes how we survive. 1,208 more words


Woman Scientist of Color Blazes Path for Others

Today, we will be hearing by Christina Uh, a graduate student at McCall Outdoor Science School through the University of Idaho and former Pathways intern for the U.S. 1,067 more words

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Young Lightworkers Channel - Message from the Elders

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Young Lightworkers Channel – Message from the Elders

Message from the Elders:

We are the elders of Earth and we wish to speak with the evolving and ascending ones, the awake ones; the ones who have been tracking our progress and are quite curious about the status of things, namely ascension and the revaluation of currencies and of the planet herself.

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Gospel Eldership

Is it not true that leaders experience unique temptations, challenges, and struggles? And is it not true that for a church to go deep in the gospel, its leaders must be deep in the gospel?

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Bob Thune

The Older I Get, the Less I Seem to Know

They say wisdom comes with age. Maybe, but not the kind of wisdom I always cared about.

Some of the things that used to define wisdom for John Buskin, like doing crossword puzzles, don’t come so easily anymore.  1,278 more words

The Human Existence

All humans are on this planet temporarily to fight the physical temptations and become a part of the most powerful existence.  Our Creator/Supreme Being will always extend its eye-opening presence to all Life on this planet and beyond. 322 more words


What sustains you in the ministry?

A few days ago, I wrote about how we can know we are called to pastoral ministry. You can read that post here. A few folk took issue with the post. 1,709 more words