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Quotes 1/30/16

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Too much agreement kills a chat.

Eldridge Cleaver

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Bill Cosby The Quintessential And Prototypical Black Serial Rapist of White Women

BILL COSBY WAS for decades the poster boy for racial equality and harmony. Wise, funny, clever, and with good family values, he was the nation’s funny man whose humor crossed those terrible “racial lines.” He was the charming, harmless “Jello man.” He was the exponent of maturity and morality as the eminent Black physician and down-to-earth father on the “Cosby Show.” He was the suave, stylish, and sexy secret agent in TV’s “I Spy.” Especially endearing to Whites and the better class of American Blacks, he was a public critic of Black ignorance and bad behavior. 3,109 more words


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Feral Black Beast and Serial Rapist needs to be hung by the neck until DEAD! Spirit murdering of women animal that deserves no mercy in the realms of time and for sure...will burn in the LAKE upon arrival which is not soon enough for this sub human!

“Your either part of the solution or you're part of the problem.” Eldridge Cleaver.

It is nonsense Friday today, our day to be silly, and even sillier with each other!
This was brought about as soon as we woke up, that meant tickles until she could not breath, followed by the zombie walk (Hotel Transylvania) walk to the breakfast table. 366 more words



 Greetings again from the darkness. Black lives matter. We hear the phrase frequently these days, and director Stanley Nelson (Freedom Summer) takes us back 49 years to the beginning of the Black Panther Party, and then walks us through the rise and fall. 477 more words


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A Feeling for What I Write
by Randall Allen

“Me and Sinclair” was an assignment for a World Literature II course that I took in Spring, 2015. 2,768 more words