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Daffy Stardust takes on Haunted Mansion theories

It’s just a few days after Christmas, so obviously the natural thing to do is to compose another post about Disney’s Haunted Mansion. The topics I’m going to cover here were touched on a bit in last year’s tour of the Walt Disney World version of the Mansion, but since I’m still finding these fan theories lingering I thought I’d talk about them in a little more detail than before. 2,781 more words


The Live Action Cinderella You’ve Never Seen

A lot of you have probably seen the live action version of Cinderella that came out last year. Well long before Lily James took on the role, another actress played Cinderella at the Walt Disney Studios, Helene Stanley. 1,497 more words

Sleeping Beauty

In 1959, after nearly ten years in production and Disneyland’s castle named in its honor, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was finally released.  It was the first film animated in 70mm and a true feat of artistic achievement.   621 more words

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