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The Queen's Man - Sharon Penman

The Queen’s Man by Sharon Penman is the first in a series of historical mysteries set in medieval England in the reign of Richard I. 345 more words

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Tis the Season for Gift Giving! (Part 2)

I had to put this as a seperate post, but I find the journey of this particular medieval gift to be very interesting. This gift illustrates many of the different occasions to give gifts (which I discussed in my previous post) and how these gifts get re-circulated. 412 more words


Tis the Season for Gift Giving! (Part 1)

Now that Thanksgiving has finished it is time to begin the crazy ritual of shopping for that perfect gift. Rushing out early on Black Friday and grabbing that last Xbox on sale! 892 more words


Robert S.P. Fripp's "Power of a Woman"

Eleanor of Aquitaine was the daughter of a provincial Duke in France. Twice she married Kings and had many children, although she outlived most of them and several grandchildren, living into her ninth decade, suffering annulment and internal exile. 63 more words

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The Winter Crown

Elizabeth Chadwick

This second book of Chadwick’s proposed trilogy delves deep into the relationship between Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England. Eleanor has done her queenly duty, bearing Henry several children. 56 more words

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The Defiant Duchess: Eleanor of Aquitaine


Few women throughout history have had such an exciting life as Eleanor of Aquitaine. Duchess of the cultured and beautiful Aquitaine in the south-west of France, it was her destiny to become queen of both England and France.   1,744 more words


30 women who ruled the world

Hatshepsut (1508-1456 BC) – she was the pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt and one of the most influential rulers of Ancient Egypt. According to Egyptologist James Henry Breasted she was “the first great woman in history of whom we are informed”. 3,306 more words

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