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Eleanor of Aquitaine

March is Women’s History Month and all month long, Natural Zero is looking at great women in history, women who have shaped history in one way or another. 551 more words

Myths, Legends, and Genealogies

It’s fairly well known that I’ve been working on my genealogy, and that I’ve had a few lucky breaks along the way. Of course, genealogy is a tricky thing, especially once you’ve gone back past, say, 1700 or so, and some of the breaks you think you’ve found cannot be fully proven. 1,403 more words


Fontevraud, Robert d'Arbrissel and Monasticism.

Fontevraud has appeared in some of my other posts because Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard I and Isabelle of Angouleme are buried there. 1,908 more words


More Gisburnalia!

In case you missed them (like I’d give you a chance…) there are two more ‘director’s cut’ deleted scenes from Gisburne opus The Red Hand… 66 more words

"War was their vocation and power their obsession, but in the course of pursuing it they managed to reinvent government."

My most vivid memory of Richard I is from a Robin Hood cartoon I used to watch as a child. Richard was a bluff, muscular, bearded, big-chested bear of a man who always rode in at the nick of time, just when his whiny, pasty-faced, skinny brother John was about to commit some new travesty. 2,078 more words

'The Pearl of Brittany'

Eleanor of Brittany was born around 1184, the daughter of Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke of Brittany by right of his wife, and Constance of Brittany. Described as beautiful, she has been called the Pearl, the Fair Maid and the Beauty of Brittany. 732 more words

Arthur: The Lost Plantagenet Prince

A Plantagenet prince, Arthur of Brittany’s story is one of the most tragic of the Medieval period. The posthumous son of Geoffrey, 4th son of Henry II of England, and Constance of Brittany, he was Duke of Brittany from the moment of his birth. 646 more words