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Lionheart's Wife: Berengaria of Navarre

Berengaria of Navarre, wife of Richard I, is perhaps the least-known and easiest to forget queen consort in English history. Indeed, for the entirety of her husband’s reign she never once set foot in his country and without any children to anchor her to the Plantagenet dynasty, his death untethered her and easily removed her fingerprints from history. 2,001 more words

The House Of Plantagenet

The Autumn Throne by Elizabeth Chadwick

RATING: 4.5/5

BLURB: “Imprisoned by her husband, King Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England, refuses to let him bully her into submission, even as he forces her away from her children and her birthright. 596 more words

What I am reading...

I have long been fascinated by Eleanor of Aquitaine. Her power and influence mixed with the mystique and raw sexuality associated with her story – what’s not to be fascinated by?! 141 more words


Eleanor: Neglected Queen and Prisoner

Eleanor of Aquitaine was born in France of 1122, to parents William X, the Duke of Aquitaine and Aenor de Chatellerault.  In 1130, Eleanor’s mother, brother and sister died, and on Good Friday 1137, her father died at Compostela. 408 more words


Eleanor of Aquitaine

I didn’t know a lot about Eleanor of Aquitaine, until I saw she was the mother of Richard I of England (Richard the Lionheart) and John. 5,615 more words


It Is Hard To Be Queen! Letters From Eleanor Of Aquitaine - A Moment In Royal History

Eleanor Of Aquitaine is a very intriguing women who not only was married to a king but two of them! She first married Louis VII of France in 1137 AD and then later King Henry II of England. 1,202 more words


A Clash of Church & State: The Murder of Thomas Becket

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest,” said Henry II to his councilors. And with the alacrity of men whose fortunes rose and fell with the pleasure of their king, they leapt at the chance to murder Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury one December night in 1170. 3,278 more words

The House Of Plantagenet