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The Defiant Duchess: Eleanor of Aquitaine


Few women throughout history have had such an exciting life as Eleanor of Aquitaine. Duchess of the cultured and beautiful Aquitaine in the south-west of France, it was her destiny to become queen of both England and France.   1,744 more words


30 women who ruled the world

Hatshepsut (1508-1456 BC) – she was the pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt and one of the most influential rulers of Ancient Egypt. According to Egyptologist James Henry Breasted she was “the first great woman in history of whom we are informed”. 3,274 more words

Women's Leadership

Chivalry and the Fighting Arts

Continuing from the conversation last month

The Code of Chivalry that I follow was created by Brian R. Price, a professor of Medieval History who extrapolated what made the most sense to him from a number of pre-existing oaths.   2,215 more words


Review | The Winter Crown | Elizabeth Chadwick

The Winter Crown

It is the winter of 1154 and Eleanor, Queen of England, is biding her time. While her husband King Henry II battles for land across the channel, Eleanor fulfils her duty as acting ruler and bearer of royal children. 836 more words

Book Reviews

'Fair Rosamund'

The story of Rosamund de Clifford is shrouded in more legends than most medieval lives. After Eleanor of Aquitaine, she is the woman most associated with Henry II, king of England. 1,577 more words

English History

Inventing Eleanor: The Medieval and Post-Medieval Image of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Michael R. Evans

I’m on record as saying that if I were to be a knight in service, to bend the knee to anyone in history, it would be to Eleanor of Aquitaine, “by the wrath of God, Quene of England.”  As a Medieval queen, and especially as one of significant personal power, she’s known to have done some monstrous deeds.   1,059 more words


One Gravestone, Two Books and Three Eleanors

I had to go into Scarborough this morning. I got off off the bus at the University and walked into town via the South Bay seafront, past the… 389 more words