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The Oscar (1966, Russell Rouse)

The Oscar is a spectacular kind of awful. It’s the perfect storm of content, casting and technical ineptitude. Director Rouse probably doesn’t have a single good shot in the entire film. 522 more words


The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)

Once again Otto Preminger prodded at the boundaries of what was considered “mainstream” cinema in this dramatisation of drug addiction starring Frank Sinatra as a would be ex-junkie trying to rebuild his life. 111 more words


Detective Story (1951, William Wyler)

Detective Story, the film, is William Wyler’s “production” of Sidney Kingsley’s play of the same title. Philip Yordan and Robert Wyler adapted the play. Wyler directed and produced the film. 809 more words


She's Dressed to Kill (1979, Gus Trikonis)

She’s Dressed to Kill is a simultaneously a perfect TV movie and a disappointment. It’s a murder mystery set on an isolated mountain; Eleanor Parker is a recluse fashion designer who has a show and the attendees can’t stop being murdered. 461 more words


The Mysterious Doctor (1943)

‘Never fear, sir, I’ll watch him like a ferret.’

During World War 2, a doctor arrives at a Cornish village where locals are refusing to work the tin mine because of a headless ghost, who has allegedly carried out several decapitations over the previous few years. 585 more words

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Caged (1950, John Cromwell)

Max Steiner does the music for Caged, which is strange to think about because Caged barely has any music. Director Cromwell instead emphasizes the silence, especially as the film opens. 443 more words


Get the Look: Baroness Elsa Schraeder

The songs, the breathtaking shots of Salzburg, the fuzzy, pastel quality of the film – we loved it all.  But what would the 1965 motion picture… 400 more words