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Actor | Eleanor Parker, Part 1: Dream Factory

In June 1941, right before turning nineteen years old, Eleanor Parker signed on as a contract player at Warner Bros. She had just finished a year at the Pasadena Playhouse. 5,626 more words

Eleanor Parker

Woman in White (1948)

Walter Hartright (Gig Young) is traveling to Limmeridge, England to work as a drawing teacher at the Fairlie estate. While walking the final few miles to the estate, he encounters a woman dressed in white. 322 more words


Stephen Boyd talks about Eleanor Parker, his co-star from "The Oscar"


Not sure where this quote came from, but I would love to find the source!

Stephen Boyd lamented: Beats me why Eleanor Parker was through by the time she was forty.

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Stephen Boyd

Valley of the Kings (1954)

At the turn of the 20th century, a young American woman named Ann Mercedes (Eleanor Parker) has arrived in Cairo for a bit of archaeological exploration. 349 more words


Home from the (Texas) Hill...

I’ve had a love/hate relationship ever since first watching this way back when on Super 8 film. Somehow I liked it yet didn’t. Not sure why. 432 more words


Madame X (1981, Robert Ellis Miller)

Madame X never has good pacing. The movie starts with Tuesday Weld on trial, in old age makeup. She refuses to identify herself, hence the title, and won’t even assist her lawyer, Martina Deignan, in her own defense. 780 more words


Hans Brinker (1969, Robert Scheerer)

Hans Brinker is clumsy and charmless. It plods through its runtime. Once it becomes clear Moose Charlap’s songs aren’t going to be getting any better and there’s not going to be much expert iceskating on display, it plods even more. 818 more words