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The Sound of Music (1965, Robert Wise)

So much of The Sound of Music is exquisite, the film’s got enough momentum to get over the rough spots. The film has three and a half distinct sections. 614 more words


Eye of the Cat (1969, David Lowell Rich)

Eye of the Cat is what happens when you have a screenplay entirely concerned with being a thriller (by Joseph Stefano) and a director, Rich, who is completely incapable of directing thrills. 387 more words

The Voice of the Turtle (1947)

The only reason I even came across this film was because I was looking at Eleanor Parker’s filmography. Eleanor Parker herself is a somewhat forgotten actress today, except for her role as the Baroness in  1,095 more words


The Naked Jungle (1954, Byron Haskin)

If there are faults with The Naked Jungle, ones not the result of having to follow the Hays Code–which the film skirts thanks to Ben Maddow and Ranald MacDougall’s excellent dialogue, Eleanor Parker’s fantastic, intelligent performance and Charlton Heston’s brute force approach–they fall on director Haskin. 470 more words


Above and Beyond (1952) - Robert Taylor, Eleanor Parker

Above and Beyond is a blend of genres; part military history of Lt. Colonel Paul Tibbets at Wendover Air Force Base preparing to drop the atomic bomb on Japan and part melodrama about his strained relationship with his wife. 1,122 more words


The Sound of Music


Review: The story of the Trapp Family. Maria is a young nun in an Austrian convent. She regularly misses her morning prayers. 264 more words


The Robert Taylor Poster Gallery

When it comes to Robert Taylor he grew on me as I got older. Once I caught on to the fact that his films were far more than romantic trifles for the ladies I was hooked. 262 more words