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Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring (1971, Joseph Sargent)

Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring opens with a montage sequence. Sally Field is hitchhiking cross country (supposedly, it’s all California) while audio of her calling home to her parents–after running away to become a hippie–and letting them know she’s all right. 593 more words


Detective Story

2017.28: Detective Story (1951)

You know how in detective films and tv shows, they pin up clues on a wall, photos or other items, and use different-coloured pieces of string to connect them together? 774 more words


Valentino (1951, Lewis Allen)

Valentino opens with lead Anthony Dexter (whose resemblance to Valentino got him the job, not his acting abilities) doing the tango. It’s the trope’s rehearsal and it’s fine. 795 more words


The insanity of Kirk Douglas in "Detective Story"

As most of you know, I don’t think of myself as someone who loves film noir. I’m generally turned off by the words as I associate them with films about angry men and murder. 910 more words

Seen At The TCM Film Festival

The Naked Jungle (1954)

This is one of those films that made an impact on me when I was lad-  the threat of the relentless army of soldier ants was pretty scary and the experience of watching this film bugged me (sic) for years. 613 more words


Mrs. Taylor's Expecting

Modern Screen, March 1955
By Richard Moore.

Robert Taylor is now a completely happy man.  He has a new wife, a new life, a new happiness–and a baby on the way! 1,947 more words

Robert Taylor

Film #599: Detective Story (1951)

We move on to the other half of our Wyler double bill which features a couple of traits that I struggle with namely the fact that almost the entire film takes place in one place and that’s it’s based on a play. 858 more words

Best Director