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Grace Kelly

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ve been doing a lot of introspective thinking about myself. Why I have anxiety, why I have depression, why is life a constant battle for me? 155 more words

The Journey

World Refugee Day 2017

20 June is World Refugee Day. There are over 65 million refugees and internally displaced people around the world today. Imagine if you had minutes to leave your home fleeing violence and bombs – what would you take with you? 113 more words


Quotes - Our Inner Selves

For the longest time – actually most of my life, I’ve felt lost, living in someone else’s skin. It’s about time I’ve shed the stuff other people have tried to envelop me with: 242 more words


summer {thoughts}

sweet, sweet summer. how you flirt & flounce & free us of our wonders and worries. 

bachelorettes & broadway shows, green parks, graduations.

letting go of time and reaching for sunsets escaping…below the hudson river, beyond the pier.  165 more words

"Tea & Happy Things"

Eleanor by Vigilantes of Love

Vigilantes of Love took their name from the New Order song ‘Love Vigilantes’. The band hailed from Athens, Georgia, a city with rich pop music heritage; in all honesty they’d probably struggle to break onto a list of greatest musical acts of that city, when bands like R.E.M., The B-52s, and Neutral Milk Hotel have enjoyed more mainstream success or more devoted cult followings. 372 more words


Weekly Quote #1


So, the lack of posts has been because of lack of inspiration, but inspiration finally came to me today! ✨

I’m going to be posting a weekly quote. 108 more words