New Health, Safety, & Environment Courses

RedVector is happy to announce three new Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) audio-driven courses comprising 1.5 hours of mobile-ready content!  These new mobile-ready versions use the same hallmark content, and now have a modern look and feel. 245 more words


Florida Contractors Course Approvals

The following 14 courses for 34 hours are approved for FL Contractors (these courses also apply for Pinellas County Contractors, PCC).

*These are also available for Florida Building Inspectors. 142 more words


Joshua Kim on the Flipped Classroom

My main takeaways from this blog post it that the flipped classroom is not the new paradigm that is going to revolutionize education and that the classroom lecture is not dead. 18 more words

Educational Technologies

Joshua Kim's Tips on Running Web Meetings

Joshua Kim’s tips are:

1. Own it – Be fully in the moment, have confidence that you own your digital space.

2. Be explicitly directive – Tell people what to do. 9 more words

Educational Technologies

Tips for Instructional Designers

Some tips for Instructional Designers from the Rapid eLearning Blog:

1. Chunk your content

2. Get to know your learners

3. Identify the discomfort

4. Peer coaches help train… 14 more words

A new way to learn PMD Pro

A guest post by John Cropper, Director of Capacity Building Solutions

How do you help people doing good to do it better? This has always been one of the main challenges with training NGOs in project management. 405 more words


30 Hour LEED AP O+M Package

30 Hour LEED AP O+M Credentialing Maintenance Program (CMP) Package (Based on LEED v4) 

This course package will satisfy the credential maintenance requirements for LEED AP’s with the O+M specialty. 240 more words