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Have You used a padlet in your teaching?

A very quick and effective tool to use in your teaching and can be used a variety of ways. 104 more words


I'm no technophobe take two

My learners would moan at me as soon as l said that I was going to test their knowledge on what we had covered in the lesson. 141 more words


I'm no technophobe

Over the past month l have been expanding my use oftechnologies in my classroom some have proven more favourable then others.

Everyday this week l am going to share a new Elearning technology l have trialled. 137 more words


A Braveheart Moment in the middle of a Learn Tech seminar- Freedom, Bottoms-up & a Call to Arms!

Travelling home to Glasgow on the train after a busy two days at the Learning Technologies 2015 conference in London gave me time to have a good think about all of the information and learning I had gleaned from the event.  1,092 more words


Are Digital Textbooks Worth It?

Will digital textbooks replace printed texts, or just the latest fad in education?


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eLearning design?

But I hear some educational scientists asking “what about the design?”. Yes, this is the most common discussion of eLearning in the literature. To fit eLearning into a current educational context, one should define what, why, how questions. 476 more words

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