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How E-Learning is Changing the Educational Landscape in China

April 25, 2015

E-learning has been one of the biggest recent online trends. China is currently the market showing the biggest growth. Among all the questions related to open educational resources and e-learning, the most important one remains how technology will affect learning processes and the way students are trained. 67 more words

Personalized Learning

Healthy Snack Tip

Turkey is a great source of protein, and a healthy snack to have on the go. There are so many lunch meats on the market, but my favorite is Applegate organic roasted turkey breast. 40 more words


Hacking at the Scroll of Death in Moodle

As an instructor for online courses in Moodle, the scroll of death has long been an annoyance.  More recently as an administrator addressing the needs ADA students using screen readers the scroll of death has begun to chafe even more as it forces students to navigate all their previous content in order to access their current assignments and material.   1,113 more words


Estimating Part 3 – Determining the Level of eLearning

A big part of estimating the cost to develop an eLearning course is to correctly determine the level of learning. If you read the first post in this series, … 591 more words

eLearning Design - The benefits of the Design Process

Design serves a reason and there is always a story behind it. Therefore, before start designing your e-learning module make sure that you have outline the purpose of your design in a design process. 338 more words


GYSTATA Success Group- Success Principle #15

This weeks principle is #15 “Experience Fear And Do It Anyway”. Jack Canfield chapter gives tips and stories of people who were afraid, but they did it anyway. 85 more words