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Elecraft K2 Part 3

So after a bit of a delay in things we eventually have an oh so nearly completed K2. The building phase was a considerable amount of feeding capacitors into holes and winding toroids but the sense of achievement is pretty good. 158 more words

Documented Build Sequence

Elecraft K2 Part 2

So, after a considerable amount of construction work you get to play with your creation and get it another step closer to being a radio. 1,264 more words

Documented Build Sequence

Elecraft K2

In the words of someone else, “I have a dream!” OK, mine isn’t as historically significant or socially impactive as his, but everyone’s got to start somewhere! 4,612 more words

QRP Transceiver

An Improved Knob for the K2 - plus the KAF2 and KNB2 Options

Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about how the K2 is not going to be available for ever. As a literal statement, it is obviously true. 1,729 more words

Amateur Radio