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How to Identify the Proper Elected Officials

What should we look for in the candidates of our local, state and national approach this season of political elections? How do we discern who is best to represent our values and beliefs? 1,109 more words



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Dah!!!   I had a post started, almost complete for this morning.   It was one of, I think, my better pieces in a while……. 99 more words

Thorpe Takes Lead On Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Having been a critic of Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe and many of the bills he has proposed over the past several years, I have to say I am surprised and happy to see him taking up the very important cause of Civil Asset Forfeiture reform. 244 more words

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My Votes In The November 3rd Special Flagstaff Election

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Information pamphlets for the November 3rd Special City Election started arriving in mailboxes this week. This is the second batch of Charter changes that the Flagstaff City Council has sent to voters this year. 697 more words

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The Extreme Right Wing of Congress is Going To Shut Down the Government Again; Here is the List

Stop Them Before They Blow Billions of Tax Payers Dollars.

Bridges Will Collapse, Flights Will Be Grounded.

The Poor Will Have Little To Eat.

Call Them Write Them Vote Them Out of Office… 159 more words

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Raphael Warnock hints he will run for U.S. Senate

The Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, gave an “everything but” speech to more than 1,000 Georgia Democrats gathered Saturday night for the party’s signature fundraiser. 529 more words


"The Obvious Remedy": Why Kentucky’s Kim Davis Won’t Find A Different Job

One of the oddities of the Kim Davis story in Kentucky is the obvious remedy. The Kentucky clerk has a job in which she’s supposed to issue marriage licenses, but Davis doesn’t want to issue licenses to couples she deems morally inadequate. 451 more words

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