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Completing My Goofy Election Trilogy: 'Dinosaur Primary' Joins Prequels About Babies and Superheroes

After reading today’s “Dinosaur Primary” photo essay in The Atlantic, longtime friends will immediately recognize a pattern.

During the 2012 New Hampshire Primary, I chronicled my then 9-year-old son’s “ 204 more words


Reprise: How Beef-Loving Voters Can Get Tofu (aka Trump) for President

This is from the HomaFiles archives – one of my favs.

The original WSJ article was inspired by Clinton’s win over elder Bush (the Perot factor), younger Bush’s win over Gore (the Nader factor), and Jesse Ventura’s gov win in Minnesota. 744 more words

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Bernie Sanders and the Changing Nature of the Political Computer Game

It’s a new year, so I decided to try something new and review a computer game.

After much deliberation, I realized that there is only one game that makes sense for me to review, and it is the Bernie Arcade. 640 more words

We will NOT survive another Democrat in the White House

 We’re only into January and the things I am reading on social media from our side is frustrating at best. Realistically we’re probably looking at two… Cruz & Trump.  339 more words

Trump's Campaign Highlights The Hypocrisy of the GOPe "Growth and Opportunity Project", The GOP Autopsy...

A recent article in U.S. News and World Report highlights a profound republican party irony and simultaneous hypocrisy.

On the heels of a devastating defeat of John McCain 2008, and immediately following the disastrous defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012, the power-structures within the Republican party decided to do a complete “GOP Autopsy” and figure out what they could do to start winning presidential elections again. 390 more words

The 9-9-9 Plan & sexual harassment allegations

On the front page of Herman Cain’s website, in giant font, it reads, “It’s Time to RENEW the U.S.A.” Herman Cain is a republican presidential candidate, running for the presidency. 442 more words

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