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Quick Thoughts: The End of the United States

1. Over the past week and a half, Wikileaks has released approximately 7,000 of 50,000 leaked John Podesta emails. John Podesta is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. 675 more words

Lifting up the world....in Him

Today is the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, my most beloved heavenly friend.  This post combines some of her wisdom with my own thoughts about the last presidential election.   776 more words

God's Love

Do You Tweet Like Trump or Clinton?

The 2016 presidential campaign has seen social media play a role more than it ever has before. In 2012, it would have been unheard of having a presidential candidate advertise… 410 more words

CONsistently CONvenient CONservatives

2012 Quote Source:

“Conservatives will stand united in November. The stakes are too high,” Cruz said. “The Tea Party will show up en masse to support Mitt Romney.”

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Election 2012 Part I: The Man of Hopes and Dreams Resided on Earth the Entire Time, But That’s Okay

written November 6, 2012

Today the American people (perhaps 50% of them!) will speak.   More on this later.

Not being called to sub at the high school, I am glad to have today for a little quiet reflection on this past national year, the time to take the political pulse of sites like Politico and CNN as Americans once again flex their democratic muscles.  692 more words

Reprise: How Beef-Loving Voters Can Get Tofu (aka Trump) for President

This is from the HomaFiles archives – one of my favs.

The original WSJ article was inspired by Clinton’s win over elder Bush (the Perot factor), younger Bush’s win over Gore (the Nader factor), and Jesse Ventura’s gov win in Minnesota. 746 more words

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Completing My Goofy Election Trilogy: 'Dinosaur Primary' Joins Prequels About Babies and Superheroes

After reading today’s “Dinosaur Primary” photo essay in The Atlantic, longtime friends will immediately recognize a pattern.

During the 2012 New Hampshire Primary, I chronicled my then 9-year-old son’s “ 204 more words