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Chuck Todd Encapsulates Democrat Party Losses Under Obama...

… then quizzically poses the question, ‘gee, I wonder why’; to wit Don Mattingly in drag, aka Rachel Maddow, opines about structural advantages created by those pesky and brilliantly strategic republicans. 45 more words

Jeb Bush Thinks Supergirl is "Hot" (Maybe We Picked the Wrong Year for the Superhero Primary!)

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush named Supergirl as his favorite superhero at a campaign appearance last week, telling his audience that actress Melissa Benoist “ 106 more words

Election 2012

Trump's Tax Plan is Regressive and Unrealistic, Copies Bush and Romney

I was disappointed to read Donald Trump‘s tax plan today. In recent weeks, Trump has been talking a pretty progressive game on taxes. Many of us, myself included, … 1,864 more words


Bill Kristol Says GOP Third Party Needed If Donald Trump Wins Primary....

Several people have dropped links to a recent article highlighting comments by “conservative pundit” Bill Kristol who essentially said if Trump wins the GOP nomination, then a Republican “Third Party” would be necessary – … 1,006 more words

"Republican Race Is Being Led By A Buffoon": The GOP Primary Is A Mess. Can Anyone Unite This Party?

Jeb Bush is starting to remind me of someone. Tall guy, former governor, worshipped his politician dad? That’s right, I’m talking about Mitt Romney.

It isn’t just the part about their fathers, or the fact that like Romney, Bush is the representative of the “establishment” and doesn’t get a lot of love from the Tea Party base, or even that he seems to share Romney’s propensity for reinforcing his most glaring electoral weaknesses. 754 more words

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Reprise: How Beef-Loving Voters Can Get Tofu for President

This is from the HomaFiles archives – one of my favs.

The original article was inspired by Clinton’s win over elder Bush (the Perot factor), younger Bush’s win over Gore (the Nader factor), and Jesse Ventura’s gov win in Minnesota. 736 more words

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It Seems as Though Bernie Sanders Could Win

A school of new data has come out in the past week or so indicating that an assumption that many people have about Bernie Sanders may be false. 569 more words

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