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Letter: Senate disappears from the headlines

With the federal election campaign almost a month old, it has become discouraging to me that the major political parties have stopped talking about the Senate and what needs to be done about it. 346 more words


Canada's marathon election - why voters aren't tuning in

Good morning. Today, as we hit the mid-point of the third week of an 11-week federal election campaign, it seems it’s getting easier to keep track of the issues by recalling what we don’t give a damn about rather than listening to what the politicians say. 609 more words

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Plus ça change: Leaders' political slogans follow a pattern

A good campaign slogan is like a good fortune cookie line: concise, clever, enlightening and memorable. Winning ones exploit our notions and prejudices about politics, parties and candidates. 890 more words


Rocked by scandal, senators wrestle with their role in election campaign

Sen. David Smith is a legend in federal Liberal party circles. He has played a leading role for the party in every election since 1965, when he helped Lester Pearson get re-elected, and he served as Liberal campaign co-chair in both 2008 and 2011. 974 more words


'I want to grab that corn like you’ve never seen': Donald Trump launching aggressive ground game in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa — For five days, the royal-blue bus rumbled through miles of cornfields alongside a popular annual bicycle trek across Iowa. It showed up at a country music concert in Cherokee and at a bacon festival in Ottumwa. 1,581 more words


ICYMI: 'Terrorism' turns into the election topic du jour

Islamist terrorism — or, rather, which party has the best policies for dealing with it — took centre stage Monday as Canadians entered the second week of the 11-week election campaign.  700 more words

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The forever campaign: Have our politicians killed democracy by being too good at politics?

Politicians have become so focused on getting re-elected, argues Joseph Heath, they are undermining the whole point of the competition, which is to govern

Every morning as I walk my children home from the bus stop, we pass a local high school. 2,821 more words