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The Liberal record

The Tyee has published a handy pdf version of our look at the record of the British Columbia Liberal government.

You can download it here.


Free the Expression

Butter does not come out of a jar with a straight finger, so they say in Nepali. What this actually means is without conflict, without commotion, without resistance, without action there is no reaction. 819 more words


The Liberal record, updated

 The Tyee has posted the final version of our look at 15 years of Liberal rule in British Columbia.

You can read the full story… 224 more words


The BC Liberal record, part 2

The second part of the Tyee’s look at the British Columbia Liberal party in power is up.

98 BC Liberal Falsehoods, Boondoggles and Scandals: The Clark Era 53… 233 more words


The BC Liberal record, part 1

The Tyee has just published the story below, which lists some of the more dubious elements of the British Columbia Liberal government’s record. I played a small part in creating it, along with David Beers and a bunch of other Tyee folks. 392 more words


PM Malcolm Turnbull's lack of guts is heart of his problem

It is important for all politicians to seek appeal among traditionally ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ voters in order to achieve electoral success. However, voters also crave decisiveness, which Malcolm Turnbull woefully lacks. 942 more words

Malcolm Turnbull

An interesting insight into the 2016 Presidential election

We can learn a lot from a recent play depicting the Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in which genders were switched.

First and furmost, the play demonstrates that many of the feminist, pre- existing assumptions people had about gender were wrong. 476 more words

Donald Trump