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NDP election law changes likely to impact next campaign

Alberta political veterans say the NDP’s proposed changes to election financing rules will shift the landscape dramatically in future election campaigns, though they differ on how the impact will be felt. 720 more words


'Revolution within the revolution': Sanders' new organization loses most of its staff before its launch

SAN FRANCISCO — On the eve of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ launch of a new political organization to expand his “political revolution,” most of the staff of his fledgling group known as Our Revolution has quit, concerned that its leadership would violate Sanders’ core values. 855 more words


Pollster Kellyanne Conway takes on the toughest role of the campaign trail: Trump whisperer

Strategist and pollster Kellyanne Conway has been in the business of politics for more than two decades, but she may have taken on her toughest job yet: Trump whisperer. 1,007 more words


Anti-bullying Programs Weakened

Campaign bombast swoops

Like a hawk toward the chipmunk –

In praise of bullies.


NDP's proposed Alberta election financing changes 'obscene,' Wildrose says

If passed, an Alberta government plan will see taxpayer dollars help fund the province’s election campaigns.

The recommendation was made by Edmonton-Ellerslie NDP MLA Rod Loyola in Wednesday’s ethics committee meeting. 460 more words


Jen Gerson: Putting too tight of a cap on election spending and donations could do more harm than good

Capping election spending or donations is always an easy sell. The public doesn’t like politicians: it’s even more wary about the influence of the filthy lucre, and any chance to deprive an elected official of comfort or ease must provoke some not-unwarranted petty glee. 831 more words

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Wanted: More women to run in Edmonton's 2017 municipal election

The push is on to recruit more female candidates for the 2017 municipal election in Edmonton.

But advocates say trolls on social media, financial hurdles and busy lives keep many from adding their names to the ballot. 489 more words

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