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Theresa May voted against anti-terror legislation, Jeremy Corbyn signed a motion that condemned IRA violence in 1994

The Conservatives have conducted their election campaign with sneering contempt, meaningless soundbites, trivial glittering generalities and barely a veneer of democratic engagement.

The misleading comments, half-truths, out of context one-liners and misquotes that have dominated the Conservatives’ typically authoritarian approach are a disgrace to politics, and the media that has accommodated these deplorable tactics and vapid crib sheet insults without holding the government to account have also played a part in undermining our democracy and distorting the terms of debate. 2,210 more words

Colby Cosh: Terrorism shouldn't interrupt election campaigns — at least as a general rule

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce: so said Marx. He was making a joke about the second Emperor Napoleon, and it is still the first thing everybody remembers about the man; it is thus one of the greatest bon mots in the history of journalism. 924 more words

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New report alleges outside influence in Canada's 2015 federal election

Foreign money funnelled towards Canadian political advocacy groups affected the outcome of the 2015 federal election, according to a document filed last week with Elections Canada and obtained exclusively by the Herald. 1,221 more words


Colby Cosh: B.C.'s election outcome is still uncertain. And it's all thanks to their bizarrely generous voting system

British Columbia politics are famous for being weird, but this election that really came across. Some jurisdictions are content to hold election nights that end with “hung” parliaments or assemblies in which no party has a majority. 992 more words

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The Liberal record

The Tyee has published a handy pdf version of our look at the record of the British Columbia Liberal government.

You can download it here.


Free the Expression

Butter does not come out of a jar with a straight finger, so they say in Nepali. What this actually means is without conflict, without commotion, without resistance, without action there is no reaction. 816 more words


The Liberal record, updated

 The Tyee has posted the final version of our look at 15 years of Liberal rule in British Columbia.

You can read the full story… 224 more words