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Clinton Guaranteed To Win By Tens of Millions of Votes

Democrats manipulate polling numbers to make it easier to steal elections without the public realizing the voting machines were rigged.

If the Democrats are able to make the voting public believe that the Republican candidate for President trailed the Democrat from the Conventions to Election Day, the public will easily be suckered into believing that the Democrat—in this case, the most despised and mistrusted liar in America, … 1,399 more words


The Old Man and the Revolution

Let me tell you of an old man with a wild shock of white hair… 871 more words


DNC Philly 2016 Coverage: Outraged Sanders Delegates Storm DNC Media Row 26th of July 2016

“I am not an upset loser. I am an American who has had his rights violated.”
“This land is your land, this land is my land…” “We shall overcome…”