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Dewey defeats Truman

Notice in-the photo collage above that all the newspapers, regardless of Truman’s pose, look the same and that there appears an unnatural wrinkle below which everything is blurred. 158 more words

Election Fraud

HuffPost Gets Election Fraud Story Exactly Wrong

While it is true that many voting machines are easily hackable, voting machines can NOT be hacked from a foreign country, because voting machines are not connected to the internet. 25 more words


Stealing Votes: How Our Rights Are Under Attack!

What do you think is the biggest problem with American politics and our democracy? Do you think it’s partisanship, third parties, apathy, or general ignorance (or Russia)? 4,664 more words

Law And Politics

2016 Vote Fraud and Sanders' Landslide

Thanks to the whining of obedient, morally questionable Clinton supporters, corporate criminals (treasonous agents working against “We the people”) were able to get away with election fraud as they put a despicable economic predator/rapist in the White House. 35 more words

The Politics Of Oppression

#VoterFraud -- Of Course There Is

Voter fraud is rampant.

Corrupt state politicians encourage it.

Voter registration records are filled with errors.

A few of the problems:

—  ineligible voters

—  registered and voting in multiple districts… 79 more words


Trump, Kris Kobach and the voter fraud issue

Kris Kobach, the vice chair of the Presidential Commission on Electoral Integrity, is one of the chief proponents of the infamous CrossCheck system that may have led to wrongful cancellation of voter registrations of thousands of Americans. 755 more words

Civil Rights

Voter fraud panel tells states to hold off on sending data

(ABC News) — President Donald Trump’s commission on election fraud is telling states to hold off on providing detailed voter information in the face of increasing legal challenges. 122 more words