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Follow-Up on the Nevada Coup

The dismal, strong-armed Nevada state convention of the “Democratic” Party and the ensuing smear campaign last week, really demonstrated the playbook of how ruling establishments deal with the unruly, malcontent, unwashed masses — you know: the rest of us. 667 more words


The Five Stages of Grief

It’s like the 5 stages of grief. You know it’s happening. You watch the disease spread.
1.Denial.  As I watch widespread corruption and oppression in the election process. 216 more words


IT Lawyers

IT experts are becoming much like a lawyer nowadays. They can make a simple matter so complicated that it will need an entire encyclopedia to translate what they are saying in the first place. 57 more words

Fear Based Voting

We’ve watched for decades how the GOP is able to get votes in the most impoverished areas with platforms that blame the poor and keep them poor. 481 more words


The Nevada Coup Ends All Pretense of Democracy

Las Vegas, Nevada, May 14, 2016:  Yesterday, at Nevada’s Democratic Party Convention, Sanders was in the lead. He had won Nevada. So, the party chair (Roberta Lange) with some accomplices, unilaterally changed the rules thereby throwing out many Sanders votes and flipping the election, declared the convention concluded, and had the police clear the building. 427 more words


Election fraud charged in Democratic primaries

An organization called Election Justice USA has filed a lawsuit charging election fraud in New York state’s primary election.  A reporter for Counterpunch obtained the complaint and the exhibits.  416 more words