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Let The Chips Fall

James Comey, former Top Cop of the FBI fired by a president, tried to fix an election, then admitted it in a book he wrote, then said his subconscious mind did it without his awareness, then proceeded to tell detail by detail how his subconscious mind did it. 209 more words


Supreme Court declines to hear appeal by former Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro

The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear a former federal politician’s bid to have his convictions for electoral offences overturned.

In September, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld Dean Del Mastro’s 2014 convictions on three violations of the Canada Elections Act. 394 more words


Pinch of Salt.

‘I have deactivated my facebook account’, declared K. my wife.

This was not the first time she was doing it though. The last time she did it was when her Civil Services exam were around the corner and she felt too much of her time being wasted on it. 1,095 more words


District Attorney Files Felony Charges for Election Fraud Against Signature Gatherers Paid by the California Apartment Association

“Cities across the Bay Area, including Richmond, Alameda, Santa Rosa, and San Mateo, reported landlord lobbyist smear campaigns with misinformation. … Now we have a confirmed criminal case of fraud from Pacifica….”

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George Soros Masterminded Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania and Met with Gov. Tom Wolf

By Red Pill  |  03-14-2018   News 
Photo credit: CNBC 


George Soros Masterminded Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania and Met with Gov. Tom Wolf

There are countless reports on social media from GOP voters who have been turned away from the polls in Pennsylvania, as well as claims that busloads of outside voters were brought in financed by the likes of George Soros in the crucial special election that could help decide the fate of the control of Congress. 2,437 more words