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Trump Smear Campaign

The lamestream media is scared to death of Trump and will go to any lows to try and knock him out of the top place. We USED to allow “the best man”, according to WE THE PEOPLE, to win, but huge money is changing that (and perhaps already has in the past). 164 more words

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Observations monitoring the election in Diyarbakir

Margaret Owen, who took part in a delegation to southeast Turkey to monitor the recent snap elections, has produced this report based on her observations. Alongside Margaret were several others, including barrister Melanie Gingell, John Hunt, journalist; and Kawa Besarani, human rights advocate and political analyst; and academic David Graeber, among others. 1,289 more words

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Is Trump For Real After All? But Even IF..! America Does Not Deserve a 2nd Chance

America would only deserve it IF they had a total repentance from their murderous behaviour abroad of millions, and from their murders at HOME of the innocent unborn children, and their support of terror states like UK, Israel, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. 311 more words



I spent the evening of November 3rd and a good part of the morning of November 4th observing the election in Pima County. I also spent some time on November 2nd observing the counting of some of the early ballots. 428 more words


KY 2015 Governor: Cumulative Vote shares indicate Likely Fraud

KY 2015 Governor: Cumulative Vote shares indicate Likely Fraud

Richard Charnin
Nov.5, 2015
Latest Update: Nov.22
Look inside the books:
Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy…
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Election Fraud

Jim Goddard Interview of Mike Rivero On State of America

Antichrist Rivero (may he repent) tells the truth about American History & contemporary events.


The reality of US Elections: Rampant criminality

US elections are run better than the ones held in banana republics. Here’s how they’re better: The ever-reliable liars in the news media says they’re better. 9 more words