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The Russia Investigation and the DNC: Death by a Thousand Cuts

I’ve been trying to get away from talking about the election but it looks like I’m going to have to talk about it one more time. 218 more words

A Conversation About The Conversation

Trump Stays Quiet On Shooting Victims, Fumes Over Russia

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump spent the holiday weekend hunkered down at his Florida estate, watching cable television news, grousing to club members and advisers and fuming over the investigation of Russian election meddling. 750 more words


19 February 2018. The Biter Bit... Here's Where the USA Has Interfered in Elections (An Incomplete Accounting)


If the “Russian hackers” deserve indictment… then, so do the Americans who took part in these election disruptions. One of those people is Hillary Clinton… fancy that. 65 more words


From Pedophilia to Election Fraud and Political Prisoners: Could Ignoring These Horrible Things Really Advance US Interests?

A recent article by New York Times based on an investigative report about child sexual abuse by the Afghan security forces shook even the most ardent supporters of the US action in that volatile country. 1,000 more words


Trump Dissolves Election Commission


>The vice chairman of President Trump’s now-disbanded voter integrity commission said Wednesday the decision to cancel the panel was a tactical decision that will actually speed up the investigation into voter fraud. 7 more words