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PNM Eliminating Coal. Not for Climate, but for Profit

A good news day: First, as predicted in Thursday’s post, it won’t be climate issues or the EPA that move utility companies to go solar, it is profit, and PNM is going green. 1,063 more words


Hacking Voting Machines - Reforms - Trump the Usurper

Former CIA Director James Woolsey warns that 25% of American voting machines can be hacked and leave no paper trail to allow a recount.  See this link. 326 more words

There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Federal Election Campaign Laws put out by  the United States Federal Election Commission is two-hundred and thirty-three (233) pages of gobbledygook.  A disclaimer in the preface reads “Readers should be aware that some terms in the law are defined differently in different titles.  530 more words


Action #6: Redistricting, continued

A group of us met with Senator Dave Senjem (R-Rochester) this morning and discussed SF 370, which would establish a non-partisan, independent committee to facilitate the redistricting process that takes place each decade. 142 more words


Predatory Lending: How Does It Work & Why Can't We Restrict It?

Industry lobbyists assert that without Pay Day Lenders, New Mexicans suffering emergency cash needs would be without resources. But as this post reveals, the truth is they prey on the vulnerable, and our legislators haven’t had the will to turn away from unscrupulous lobbyists like Raymond Chavez. 2,067 more words