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#NativeVote16 - Transparency report

** Saturday update **

I am working on piece about Indian Country’s youth vote. I am especially interested in looking at what would 90/100% turnout look like at tribal colleges. 503 more words


#NativeVote16 - Deadlines near for registration, early voting starts soon


If Indian Country is going to make a difference in this election there are details that need to be completed first.

Voter registration is easy. 424 more words


What To Expect When Parliament Resumes

It is truly a sign that summer has come to a close when September rolls around and Parliament resumes. MPs dust off their suits and leave their hometowns for Ottawa and the media gets fired up to report on the next #elbowgate (and more serious issues). 615 more words

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Election Reform Sept. 15th

Americas system of electing representatives is the costliest and in many ways one of the least efficient electoral systems in the world. Electoral reform should be one of Congresses highest priorities. 695 more words


Proportional Representation Leads to More Diverse, Cooperative Politics

Response to Bill Tieleman and other Electoral Reform naysayers

Canadian society is incredibly diverse. However, we currently use an antiquated electoral system that was designed in the 13th century… 399 more words


Voting in the Dark

Be honest. How many of you have entered the voting booth on election day with no reasonable knowledge of the entire list of candidates and issues on the ballot? 1,742 more words

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