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Proportional Representation Leads to More Diverse, Cooperative Politics

Response to Bill Tieleman and other Electoral Reform naysayers

Canadian society is incredibly diverse. However, we currently use an antiquated electoral system that was designed in the 13th century… 399 more words


Voting in the Dark

Be honest. How many of you have entered the voting booth on election day with no reasonable knowledge of the entire list of candidates and issues on the ballot? 1,742 more words

U.S. Politics

If Canada needed an example of everything wrong with referendums, Brexit is it

By Richard Forbes.
Featured Image via Niklas Halle’n.

As Britain waits anxiously for a conclusion to the EU referendum, a growing chorus has emerged bemoaning the referendum itself. 2,228 more words

Richard Forbes

"An Unexpectedly Accommodating Affair": Yes, Bernie Sanders Really Is Winding Down His 'Revolution'

Was that Bernie’s way of saying “uncle”? I’d imagine that most people who watched his video address tonight to his supporters didn’t think so, because he did not officially concede or endorse Hillary Clinton. 879 more words

Hillary Clinton

An idea for elections in Canada

General Elections in Canada have devolved into a very expensive farce.

The concept is that the people of Canada vote for those they believe will best serve their interests to Ottawa.  1,228 more words

#NativeVote16 - North Dakota 'experiencing a movement'

Mark Trahant / TrahantReports

North Dakota’s primary Tuesday was supposed to be routine: After all the Native American candidates were running unopposed in their primary races. 500 more words