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Do Multi-Member Districts Improve Representation in State Legislatures?

While Congress has twice mandated the use of single-member districts (SMD) for electing members of Congress (once in 1842 and again in 1967), state legislatures… 1,465 more words


"Lawrence Lessig Wants to Be Your President (?!)," By Bruce Frohnen

Ours would be a better political culture if it were surprising that a professor from an elite law school is running for president because Bernie Sanders is not sufficiently “progressive.” Alas, ours is precisely the kind of culture in which Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law School has announced formation of an exploratory committee for a presidential run. 1,555 more words

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Senate Reform? Electoral Reform? Why Not Both?

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, long chastised by media and politicians from opposing parties for not seeming  to have much in the way of policy, delivered a staggering amount of policy last week. 2,018 more words

Federal Politics

How Real is Real Change?

I have never felt that Justin Trudeau is the leader Canada needs. He is what some would call a “hair candidate”—one with personality, charisma, and good looks. 3,312 more words

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Citizens United Was a Win for Local TV Stations' Budgets

Much has been argued about the Citizen’s United opinion. There are scholars that argue for and against it.

But according to a recent story posted on Slate, there is at least one piece of the American demographic pie that absolutely benefited from it: Local TV stations. 216 more words