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If Canada needed an example of everything wrong with referendums, Brexit is it

By Richard Forbes.
Featured Image via Niklas Halle’n.

As Britain waits anxiously for a conclusion to the EU referendum, a growing chorus has emerged bemoaning the referendum itself. 2,228 more words

Richard Forbes

"An Unexpectedly Accommodating Affair": Yes, Bernie Sanders Really Is Winding Down His 'Revolution'

Was that Bernie’s way of saying “uncle”? I’d imagine that most people who watched his video address tonight to his supporters didn’t think so, because he did not officially concede or endorse Hillary Clinton. 879 more words

Hillary Clinton

An idea for elections in Canada

General Elections in Canada have devolved into a very expensive farce.

The concept is that the people of Canada vote for those they believe will best serve their interests to Ottawa.  1,228 more words

#NativeVote16 - North Dakota 'experiencing a movement'

Mark Trahant / TrahantReports

North Dakota’s primary Tuesday was supposed to be routine: After all the Native American candidates were running unopposed in their primary races. 500 more words

Where in the world do we stand with electoral reform?

The Liberal government’s commitment to electoral reform has been enshrined in their party platform since the outset of the Fall 2015 election campaign. Their website confidently assures Canadians of the party’s commitment to this issue, stating that “…2015 will be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system.” ( 782 more words

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In The News This Week - June 12, 2016

Happy Sunday, everyone! Catch up with us on this week’s top political stories:

1. Electoral Reform: After weeks of criticism from opposition parties in the House of Commons, the Liberal government has agreed to an NDP proposal that gives no one party a majority on a ‘special committee’ that will study electoral reform. 436 more words


Campaign 2016: The two-party system loses credibility

For generations, the U.S. public has largely accepted that the two-party system was the best we could hope for: while perhaps not perfect, this particular brand of democracy – dominated since the 1800s by the Democratic and Republican parties – is certainly more democratic than the one-party communist dictatorships of China or North Korea, and is probably more stable than the multi-party parliamentary systems seen in Europe. 2,472 more words

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