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Election Reform

Dennis Richardson | Water Treatment - OPB's Think Out Loud

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson joins us to discuss his perspective on President Trump’s commission on voter fraud and what Richardson sees as the biggest opportunities for improvement in Oregon’s electoral system. 51 more words

OPB - Oregon Public Broadcasting

More on the Dem Party Corporate Ties, Commentary on "Better Deal" & Call to Action

Tonight the City Council votes on Ranked Choice Voting. One local step toward Retaking Our Democracy. .Our chance to raise our voices for democracy. Commentary on the New Dem Party Slogan/Video and more on DCCC/DNC corporate ties. 1,205 more words


Another Way of Looking at Rep. Lujan & the DCCC

We may have an incredible opportunity to move the Party in a new direction, but it won’t happen tomorrow or because a few hundred of us are furious that it isn’t changing quickly enough. 2,559 more words


Lujan, Democrats Working Too Closely with Wall St. THIS IS NOT OK

New grassroots progressive energy is permeating the Democratic Party across the Nation, but reports surfaced this week of Ben Ray Lujan and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee huddling with Wall St and padding Party coffers with almost $150M in mostly corporate donations.   1,302 more words


Election Fraud is ongoing crisis in U.S. (5m video)

Redacted Tonight, July 19, 2017

Our voting machines are a joke. They’ve been easily hackable for years. But almost all of them are not connected to the internet.

32 more words