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Candidate Results Delayed

There were problems in distributing some of the electronic election ballots, therefore APA will not have the election results until after July 6th. The division 49 election results will be distributed on the Division 49 list serve when available and the results will also appear in the October issue of the newsletter.

July 2016

ELECTION RESULTS: Herbert wins GOP primary

SALT LAKE CITY — Overwhelming numbers during Tuesday’s primary election show Governor Gary Herbert will move on to the general election in November.

“We’re very gratified,” Governor Herbert told FOX 13 shortly after the results were posted. 349 more words


Peru obligated to review its electoral system

History repeats itself, and it seems there is no will for it to change.  This is one of the concussions drawn from the second voting round… 387 more words

Electronic Voting

The White House after Jan 20 2017

The White House ‘before

The White House ‘after‘ January 20 2017

No matter who wins the White House, the result may be ‘up-rooting’!

~ “just my opinion” ~



Campaign Buzz 2016 June 7, 2016: Complete Republican Primary Results



Republican Results

Source: USA Today

Delegate Leaderboard

1,237 delegates needed

Donald Trump: 1542 del.

Ted Cruz: 559 del.

John Kasich: 161 del. 884 more words