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Lessons from Georgia's 6th District

The race for the 6th district Senate seat between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff is over and it’s time to take stock. We are engaging in this exercise because many people see this race as a bellwether for future elections. 272 more words

Labour MPs put internal divisions on public display again

The anti-Corbyn camp told us for two years that electoral advance was impossible under Corbyn’s leadership. The majority of Labour MPs were so sure of it that the opened party divisions to full public view with a vote of no confidence against the leader which 75% of Labour MPs supported (including Ruth Cadbury and Seema Malhotra). 1,099 more words

Election Results

Both California and Virginia Stand Up...for Voter Fraud, Vote Suppression, and Election fraud...

WASHINGTON — Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla Thursday have both refused to hand over registered voter information from their states to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

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More democrat Voter Fraud: Man Sentenced to Jail for Registering Dead People to Vote...

A Virginia man has been sentenced to 100 to 120 days in jail after pleading guilty to voter fraud by registering dead people as Democrat voters.

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The winners look like losers and the losers look like winners.

If you have been watching the TV news coverage of the election results and the political fallout, you might have thought that the Labour Party… 508 more words

President Trump was Correct...Mrs. Clinton Likely LOST the "Popular Vote" as well as the Election: Reports Show 5.7 Million Illegal Aliens may Have Voted, Over a Million Illegals using Stolen SS Numbers...

This is more of a vindication of common sense than anything else…Did anyone actually believe that American’s voted for Barack Insane Osama, or Shrillary??? Both are treasonous, hate-filled commies who exist only to do evil and line their own pockets at the expense of Americans and our freedom… 1,129 more words

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