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The windscreen-wiper politics of Australia's red north

A future State of Carpentaria would lean strongly to the Australian Labor Party, with the main conservative parties often not that far in front of populist groups. 285 more words


Fitz and starts: the contrarian politics of Central Queensland

Central Queenslanders may have more reason than their more distant northern cousins to resent Brisbane’s political dominance: its marked preference for conservative candidates is more often than not ignored in the formation of governments. 324 more words


Name-calling, insults and misinterpretation: the way many people use social media

The other day I stumbled across a tweet where the guy mentioned his grocery bill went up by $100 a week.

The comments were ridiculous. Almost all of them remarked on his ability to feed himself and his family for $100. 160 more words

Wharton Township

For Democratic Committeeman in Wharton Township, Adam Sedlock got the nod with 11 votes while Kathy Sedlock received the Democratic Committee nod with 12 votes. 17 more words

Election Results

Washington Township

In Washington Township, Joe Grata secured the nod for Democratic Committeeman with 196 votes, while the Democratic Committeewoman nod is to be decided later as it is split between Jan Amorosso, Charisse Cramer, Cheryl Kozotowski, Kimberly Kozy, and Jamie McDivett each securing one vote each. 33 more words

Election Results

Vanderbilt Borough

In Vanderbilt, Joseph M. Ambrose Jr. secured the nod for Democratic Committeeman in the borough with 7 votes, while Bonnie R. Ambrose secured the Democratic Committeewoman nod with 7 votes as well. 31 more words

Election Results

Upper Tyrone Township

In Upper Tyrone Township, Democratic Committeeman Charles B. Cook secured his spot with 35 votes. Bambi Cook secured the nod to the Democratic Committeewoman spot in Upper Tyrone with 2 votes. 37 more words

Election Results