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बुर्का पहनने वाली महिलाओं की पहचान की हो जांच

उत्तर प्रदेश में बीजेपी ने बाकी बचे निकाय चुनावों से पहले चुनाव आयोग (ईसी) से बुर्का पहनकर वोट डालने आने वाली महिलाओं पर शक होने की स्थिति में पहचान करने के लिए महिला पुलिसकर्मियों को तैनात करने की मांग की है। बीजेपी के अनुसार, इसका उद्देश्य फर्ज़ी मतदान रोकना है। वहीं, विपक्षी दलों ने इसे सांप्रदायिक कदम बताया है।


Ireland does not need election amid crucial Brexit talks: Coveney

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Ireland does not need an election now that talks on the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union are entering a crucial phase on how to avoid a physical border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said on Friday.

Queensland election: One Nation dominates Twitter debate in the final weeks

Axel Bruns, Queensland University of Technology

As Queensland approaches its election day on Saturday, the social media campaign for votes continues alongside. But over the final two weeks, the focus of that campaign has gradually shifted. 846 more words


Facebook to Allow Users to See if Content They Interacted With was Russian Propaganda

In a response to the United States Congress in regards to meddling in the 2016 presidential election, Facebook states they will release a tool before the end of 2017 that will allow users to see if content they’ve interacted with (viewed, followed, liked, commented on, or shared) was indeed propaganda from Russian sources. 326 more words

Facebook will show which Russian election troll accounts you followed

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Facebook is building out a tool to show which Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts associated with Russia’s Internet Research Agency election troll farm you Liked or followed. 311 more words


Roy Moore should stay in the race

By Hermes

My colleague Aristophanes believes Republican candidate Roy Moore will lose the upcoming Senate special election in Alabama. I’m not quite as certain. I believe he underestimates the power of the Republican brand in that state, as well as the passion of Moore’s populist base. 1,163 more words