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Physics and Election

Today is the European Parliament Election where citizens will vote representatives that will sit in the European Parliament. And the popularity of the Alternative party (left group) is rising. 215 more words


Leave by Example

The successor to Mrs May, whomever she or he might be, would do good to remember the problems she faced in supporting a half-in and half out-deal. 240 more words


After The Landslide

It was clear since before election and during electioneering that, Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister for the second time. Because the opposition neither had any leader, nor any idea which could mobilize the voters. 860 more words


Election Season Is Here And Already Causing Shifts In Key Regions

The anticipation of election season is radiating all across the geopolitical landscape as voters cast ballots in favor of the direction they want their government to lean for years to come. 630 more words

Trump could WIN in 2020!

Trump could win election in 2020.  It is possible.  It sucks, but it could happen!

How Trump Wins Next Year

What’s happened in India and Australia is a warning to the left.

297 more words

Trump, Barr, Graham and the GOOFS

Trump is INSANE and so is William Barr!  Insane with POWER!

Trump Just Gave William Barr an Insane Amount of Power

Barr must really have his head buried in Trump’s butt to get so much POWER from Trump. 374 more words


One contest ends, another begins

Mike swung down from the ship to find Free waiting for him, his eyes snapped around scanning others nearby,  “Tanta is . . . ?” 447 more words