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Vaping And Vamping At The Brokered GOP Convention.

Will there be a vapor filled backroom. E-cigarettes smoking out that just right flavor for a GOP ticket. Will the vapor rise to the low-level of Trump’s support ceiling, about 35 precent, forcing The Donald to go all in and prove he really is the Big Dog of the Deal. 149 more words


Information Freeze Thaws After Injunction On Michigan Election Law

By Michael Gerstein, Associated Press

LANSING (AP) – An information freeze on local and school officials is thawing after a federal judge put a preliminary injunction on a new Michigan election law that critics called a “gag order.” 687 more words


Greek bears no gift for Noonan.

There were no Greeks bearing gifts for Finance Minister Michael Noonan at Dublin’s Mansion House today.
Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis who appeared via video at a Right2Change event at Dublin’s Mansion House today, has criticised Finance Minister Michael Noonan’s handling of the debt crisis. 78 more words

Social Media Could Decide the 2016 Election

Note: This was written November 2, 2015

The 2016 presidential election for the United States is still one year away, but it’s already been touted as the “social media election”. 695 more words


An Open Letter to Rep. John Lewis.

Representative Lewis,

Yesterday, you stated the following about Bernie Sanders’s record on fighting for civil rights in the 1960s:

“I never saw him. I never met him. 863 more words

Social Justice

Tim Byrd reblogged this on Under An Outlaw Moon and commented:

lewis John Lewis is my congressman, and has long been a personal hero. I have campaigned for John Lewis and have always been proud and honored to get to vote for him. Now, however, I'm deeply disappointed in Rep. Lewis after his passive aggressive attack on Bernie Sanders. I'm fine with Lewis's endorsement of Hillary Clinton, though dismayed by it because Bernie Sanders's history and policies are much friendlier to non-white communities than Hillary Clinton's. Clinton, after all, is the woman who once painted an image of black twelve-year-old boys as "super-predators." And the policies she helped craft, and campaigned for, during her husband's administration (as well as legislation she supported as a senator) have taken a terrible toll on the black community over the years. But, Lewis can endorse whomever he wishes, for whatever reasons (I suspect he believes she'll win and he's trying to make up for reversing his endorsement of her in 2008 to support Obama, and there are probably some backroom favors involved). What he shouldn't do is disparage Bernie Sanders's verifiable activism as a young man on behalf of civil rights, or his well-established and decades-long record of defending those rights as a political leader. "I didn't meet him, so he probably wasn't there" is the basic translation of his message, and it is reprehensible to see a great man, a good and noble and courageous man, dishonestly dismiss the efforts of another such good and noble and courageous man in the very same fight. All just for partisan advantage. I never would have even imagined a day might come that I could say, "I'm ashamed of John Lewis." But that day is here. Anyway...all that is preamble. Read this post. It's a good one...

Why We Don't Get What We Vote For

Originally posted on Campus.ie

Pat Leahy wrote a piece in the Sunday Business Post, arguing that Fine Gael are going to war to get the “the middle-ground voters who feel they have a stake in society.” 738 more words