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August 17 to 31 ~ Election Year 1864

In the midst of his bid for re-election, President Lincoln must deal with divisions within his own party, hostility from those who favor peace, an opposition candidate who is a general in the Union Army, handling diplomacy, encouraging immigration and citizen peace initiatives. 2,070 more words

Civil War

From the “New Right” to the “Alt-Right”

What just happened this week American politics seems all too familiar to those who remember the past. Yet in another sense, we have never seen anything like… 1,479 more words


August ~ Election Year 1852

Women involved in abolition move ahead on other issues. The struggle against slavery takes place on many fronts, including the Senate and the campaign of the Free Soil Party. 2,262 more words

American Women

Trump: In the Future Voters May Look to Military People for President

Highlighting what Donald Trump doesn’t know about public affairs, or history, or geopolitics, or lots of other significant matters, is fishing in a barrel. So nothing is surprising. 130 more words


Hillary, the emails, and critical thinking

Hillary, the emails, and critical thinking

15 August 2016

Before leaving for work, I had Maria Bartiromo on, FOX Business News. There was a Hillary surrogate commenting on the “33,000” emails that the FBI had gone through and found only a dozen or so that were classified, and, according to him, what did it matter? 374 more words

Tea Party

From the Unpublished Archive: It’s Now Safe for All Democrats to Love Joe Biden

This was written in October 2015, when Joe Biden announced he would not run for the Democratic nomination. The election story isn’t over yet, but we know what happened since. 362 more words


Donald Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain at Wisconsin rally

GREEN BAY, Wisc. (NBC News) — Donald Trump endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain on Friday, ending the latest episode in a monthslong feud at a rally in Green Bay. 636 more words