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Donald Trump Stays Up All Night Tweeting About National Security (Just Kidding)

The Twitter bluebird never sleeps. Neither does Donald Trump.

Last night, his tirade of overnight tweets wasn’t actually about national security, the economy, or anything else significant. 172 more words


The Fixer

There’s nothing more historical than U.S. Presidential elections. With Ted Cruz’s recent stunning endorsement of Donald Trump, I thought a little political humor I wrote below might help us get through the current election cycle. 898 more words


Late September ~ Election Year 1876

By the end of September, the race for president is intensely competitive. With five weeks to go before election day, the Democrats have high hopes of winning the presidency. 1,101 more words

African Americans

Sinn Féin is not so much a “party in transition” as it is “transitioning into a party”

This is my Broadsheet column from last Monday (Sept 19th) and appeared online here: www.broadsheet.ie/still-behind-you/


Yesterday was a busy media day for Sinn Féin’s Deputy Leader, Mary Lou MacDonald. 995 more words


How to Prepare Spiritually for the Debate

The Clinton-Trump debate is taking place tonight, if you hadn’t heard. People will watch for a whole lot of different reasons. Some to see the candidate they like succeed, some to see the candidate they don’t like that much succeed, some to see the candidate they really don’t like be destroyed, some because they just like to watch twisted spectacles and disaster movies. 204 more words


The British Labour Party's last rites - after one hundred and sixteen years?


Funeral Director Corbyn>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Funeral Director McDonnell


Lose-lose situation for PSOE

After two inconclusive elections over the past year, Spain’s socialists, or PSOE, find themselves in a lose-lose situation. With Rajoy and his PP winning an even larger plurality in the last elections, PSOE can either support Rajoy for another term as prime minister and most likely lose support, or at the very least enthusiasm, or it can deny support for Rajoy and force Spaniards back to the polls for the third time. 986 more words