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Libertarian believes in freedom of religion to drink goat's blood

A libertarian candidate for congress admitted that yes, he performed a religious ritual involving drinking goat’s blood, but he doesn’t see why that should disqualify him from office. 175 more words


Twitter & Square partner to allow for political donations via Twitter

You can now donate to a political candidate via Twitter.

As noted by Bloomberg, Twitter and Square have partnered to allow you to allow candidate to… 337 more words

Social Media

The Much-Anticipated 2016 Presidential Election

Just looking at one news segment anywhere in the United States will show just how big the 2016 election is going to be when next November rolls around. 617 more words



MILLIONS of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families are silently keeping a closer look at who among the current presidential aspirants could stand up and speak for their rights and welfare. 387 more words

Let’s See How Much Cry-Baby Trump Plans to Sue 100,000 People Who Insult Him

Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed, self-celebrated and self-centered candidate for President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief is apparently adding one more potential appellation to be stuck among the others. 321 more words

Political Doubletalk

Bevin says laws causing “fast track to incarceration” for low-level offenses should be reevaluated at federal and state level

Republican governor’s race candidate Matt Bevin says he is in favor of felony expungement and the restoration of felon voting rights for low-level offenses depending on the specifics in legislation. 523 more words

Kentucky Competitiveness

Carson is the Man of Steel!

By: Susan Bea Good

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has learned not to bend to criticism from Democrats, the media, or his fellow Republicans. Rush Limbaugh took note today of Carson’s most… 338 more words