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I’m old enough to remember when we celebrated President Lincoln’s birthday on February 12 and Washington’s on February 22.  As time went by, all presidents were celebrated on the third Monday of February.  340 more words

Somalia's Presidential Elections

Last week Somalia held semi-democratic presidential elections. Given that the government still does not control most of the country, this election may look a bit different from elections in other countries. 125 more words

What's the Deal With Executive Orders on Immigration?

Hello all,

Welcome to another edition of “What’s the Deal” the blog that is seeing the highest readership of any blog ever!

In this week’s post we’ll discuss President Donald Trump*’s… 1,317 more words


Social Injustice Warriors are One Percenters' own false front

You have the left wing Republicans, Democrats, press, Media, entertainment industry, political classes, billionaire plutocrats, professors, professional science pimps sucking at government teat, think tanks, teachers unions, globalist socialism propaganda fronts, Bildebergs, U.N. 88 more words


Trump Had The Better Electoral Strategy

Donald Trump’s campaign strategy was ridiculed from here to Timbuktu by political nerds, GOP and Democratic strategists and the media.  Trump staked his claim to victory on riding a wave of populist sentiment to victory across the Midwest. 1,483 more words


Democrats Looking To Take Back House Have a Tough Road To Hoe

Recently the DCCC released its list of targets for 2018 (I have some initial thoughts here).  Some of the targets on the list raised eyebrows such as eight districts that voted for Trump by an eye popping 20 points or more.   484 more words


Honestly, You Have to be Impressed

In a recent article in Current Affairs called “Why Republicans are ImpressiveMichael Kinnucan explains the Republican strategy and how they are able to win elections despite–and because of–extreme positions. 114 more words