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Russian propaganda or American blowback?

Media Matters now says Matt Drudge pushed Russian propaganda, by its linking to RT and Sputnik. But they don’t share comparative counts.

The people voted for the peace candidate. 295 more words


Angola and the DRC

Both large African countries are going through some big political changes. Most of the analysis treats them as separate issues, while failing to take into account how closely these two countries are… 8 more words

Kenya's Electoral Re-Run

Kenya’s opposition has refused to accept the results of the recent presidential elections, and shockingly, the Supreme Court has now ruled the results illegitimate. There will be a new election in 60 days, which is a… 18 more words

The German elections: a turning point for populism?

The rise of populism in Europe (and in America) has been a constant narrative for the past several years. The quick rise of eurosceptic and populist parties like UKIP, the Front National, and the Five Star Movement all contributed to this narrative. 1,028 more words


Count On It

“I’ve got to stop saying “How stupid can you be?” Too many people are taking it as a challenge.” — George Carlin
” A little ignorance can go a long way.” – Curmudgeon… 606 more words

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Mixed signals in Tanzania

A tide of authoritarianism seems to be sweeping Africa’s presidencies, as more and more are extending term limits, engineering election results, and generally staying in power longer than the rules allow. 68 more words

Angola's future?

Angola just had its first significant presidential election in its entire independent history. For the first time since 1979, President dos Santos was not on the ballot. 36 more words