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On Trump and Russia

Amazing long-form piece on President Trump’s Russia ties (and Russian hacking), the 2016 US election, and great power politics and US domestic politics going forward.

Division 49 Candidates

The division 49 candidates and election results will be distributed on the Division 49 list serve when available and the results will also appear in the October issue of The Group Psychologist.

April 2017

Labour’s historic victory in the City of London allows it to serve the common good

By Father William Taylor

Our new Labour group wishes to see the City of London once again serve the Common Good.

Three years ago I was the first ever Labour councillor to be elected in the City of London. 822 more words

Local Government

Liberia's First Female President

How did Liberia come out of two brutal civil wars, known globally for acts of barbarism and the breakdown of social order and elect an incredibly qualified woman?

Religion and Politics in Indonesia

Interesting update from the mayoral election in Indonesia’s capital city. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country, but has mostly managed to keep its democratic politics away from religion. 14 more words