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An appeal to the YIF community by Kartikey Shukla (Class of 2013)

In any democratic society, it is people’s participation which strengthens the institutions of democracy. We generally tend to ignore the fact that ‘right to participate/right to vote’ was the outcome of long battle won over earlier anarchic establishments across all societies. 639 more words


Republican Presidential Candidates - by the likes

Based on a blog comment I got last week, I decided to re-run this blog entry, but updated for current numbers: a look at the Republican 2016 Presidential candidates, sorted by likes, as well as compared to national poll numbers.   272 more words

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Where is Erdogan leading Turkey?

Turkish President Erdogan has announced that the country will again head to the polls, most likely on November 1, after coalition talks fell apart between the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the other parties following the June 7 election. 1,008 more words


Federal Elections 2015

Today I was invited to a gathering to discuss the political platform of a liberal party member. I was a bit skeptical of attending, since I don’t consider myself the most knowledgeable person when it comes to politics. 431 more words


Canadian candidate forced to withdraw after offensive tweets surface

Ala Buzreba was a candidate for office in Calgary Nose Hill, a federal election district in Canada, running under the Liberal Party banner.  However, she was just… 462 more words

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Applying Biblical Economics

U.S. presidential candidate Ben Carson recently announced that, as a Christian, he is in favour of a simple “flat tax” based on the biblical system of tithing to replace the present convoluted American tax code. 628 more words


The Corbyn Campaign, Critical Support and the perils of Left Reformism

This is the editorial from the current issue of Socialist Fight. The entire publication can be read here:

Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge for the leadership of the Labour Party has spooked the neo-liberal political elite that have dominated Labour since the days of Neil Kinnock. 5,933 more words