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A new Cold War?

Fascinating argument about how Ukraine, Syria, Estonia, and hacking all fit together, and are all part of the next global conflict: between the US and Russia. 127 more words

Virtual Democracy

A group of committed gamers is trying the ultimate democratic experiment: collectively playing Civilization V making every decision through robust democratic processes.

What Exactly Is Trumpism? Victor Davis [nc]

What Exactly Is Trumpism?
January 10, 2017 11:24 am / Leave a Comment / victorhanson
By Victor Davis Hanson//National Review

First sketches of a list, starting with tradition, populism, and American greatness… 2,187 more words

Historical Context

We, the People, rejected you. Stop lying about it.

Look, Trump people. We rejected you. We rejected you by a large amount — almost 3 million votes. On the chart of “winners” of our elections, … 326 more words

Presidential Campaign 2016

Lindsey Graham: Nobody believes you proven liars anymore

The bipartisan warfare-welfare machine has been caught in so many lies against us that of course people don’t believe them anymore. “How could you dare not trust us, your benevolent leaders” no longer works on us any more than it did for Stalin. 51 more words


Mozambique's Disintegrating Peace

Worrying look at how Mozambique’s peace, once considered so successful, may be in serious danger.