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Green Party of England & Wales Supports HDP in the Election

The Turkish general election is days away, and Turkish voters who live in London can vote this weekend following a 2012 regulation that permits citizens to vote in the country in which they reside. 203 more words


Hamma Hammami: Long live HDP! Forward to victory!

Hamma Hammami, Leader of the Popular Front of Tunisia spoke at HDP’s Hatay meeting:

I’m here with my comrade to show solidarity with you. We know that peoples of Turkey have suffered and still suffering under dictatorship, especially under AKP administration. 211 more words


EELV Calls to Vote for HDP

Parliament elections come to pass on June 7th in Turkey and until May 31st for the citizens of Turkey residing abroad. These elections are the occasion to advance ecology, the democracy and peace in Turkey. 249 more words


Louisiana Inspector General issues power puff scolding of Jindal for presidential campaign letter on state web page

You have to hand it to Inspector General Stephen Street. When he finds Bobby Jindal in violation of the law, he comes down hard. With all the force of a powder puff. 869 more words

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Bernie Sanders Wrote That Women Fantasize About Being Gang-Raped

Get in line to elect this guy as our next president!

According to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, women secretly love the idea of being raped…

176 more words



by Nicole Nichols

You say you are a “Progressive.” Just what the hell does that mean? You claim to be a liberal. Define liberal. Don’t just give me some mamby-pamby bullshit answer about being for the little guy, or being pro-choice, or standing for equal rights. 1,119 more words