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Tectonic Shifts

From the shelf the trinkets fall
And shatter on the ground
Sentimental value lost
And fear grows all around
Tectonic plates colliding
Forces beyond control… 105 more words


DNC Platform Retains Traditional Militarism

Part of the deal in the long time between the end of the election cycle and Bernie’s endorsement has been told that he wanted his people on the platform committee….this would insure that the progressive ideas that he championed would be made part of the election rhetoric. 187 more words


Ratings: DNC Night 1 Draws More Viwers Than RNC, Other Elections - Variety

The Reason people like soap operas is because of the drama. Like one of the Democratic National Convention had all the drama of a soap opera. 192 more words

What’s A ‘Democrat’ Anymore?

The Dem convention is in full swing……and there is an important question that needs an answer……What’s a Democrat anymore?

Ever since the election of Bill Clinton I have asked the question…what is a Democrat anymore?  284 more words


My blue ribbon goes to Michelle Obama

The last few weeks have been turbulent in global terms and definitely in the UK in the realm of political upheaval.  They say that a week is a long time in politics and one leading politician who would definitely endorse that is Theresa May, the new Prime Minister in the UK.  334 more words


Michelle Obama's Message: Trust Hillary, Like I Do

Michelle Obama’s speech on Monday, at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, was not about her husband, or about herself. Instead, it was about two young women and a somewhat older one: Sasha and Malia Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Read Here – The New Yorker


Would we have an LNP government now if we used the NZ provisional voting system?

If you look back at the last thirty Australian Federal Elections, the Australian Labor and Liberal National Parties have won the countrywide two-party preferred vote exactly fifteen times each – a 50/50 split. 1,571 more words