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Been sick, so this didn’t get posted on Inauguration Day….

(h/t Unsavory Agents)

Just Because

Weekend Perspective: The New Politics of the Post-Netanyahu era will be Lapid vs Bennett

This March Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will mark 11 years in the Prime Minister’s Office. Netanyahu’s recent legal troubles have raised the usual question of who will lead Israel in the post-Netanyahu era. 1,831 more words


SP : a family part(y)ing...!

A preview generally mean things to come. Now relate this meaning to UP elections ! And here we are ! A drama full of examples that will take you centuries back ! 289 more words


Don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello

Well, this election certainly has some people fired up.

The supporters are ecstatic, raving over the new administration.

They want change.

They are tired of Washington. 162 more words


Thoughts on the changing of the guard

As I was walking to shul last Friday afternoon, a good American friend joined me complaining that he had been waiting all his lifetime for an Inauguration like this and now because of Shabbat he had to miss it. 381 more words


Even if she was evil, it is important to recognise the devil. Paradox is. I AM.

The practical world is the world of money that my species has created. Funny that money as coin is called “specie”.  This world came into being as the era of the first peoples and goddess wisdom ended. 231 more words