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Virginia's Hillary Governor's Converting 200,000 felons to her voters hit a Brick Wall!

Governor Terry McAuliffe’s freeing  felons in order to vote for Hillary for president fails. Do read the following article by Jazz Shaw at Hot Air  about the governor’s gift going  bad. 182 more words

The Press

Trump's "Art of the Deal" on NPR

   Last night, NPR interviewed Tony Schwartz, the author of The Art of the Deal. That’s right, the Donald did not even write his own autobiography. The most that can be said for it is that Schwartz tried to write it as if it were written by Trump, with a few glosses to make him less brutal and more saleable. 349 more words


Don't You Just Love Karma?

No secret that during the primary season I was supporting Bernie Sanders and like many on thew Right I could see that the Clinton presidency was a coronation……what makes me say that is the actions of the head of the DNC, Debbie Wassman-Schultz. 739 more words



Fortunately for me my first post is about my school. I am not telling you the name *don’t bother you will find out sinner or later*. 186 more words


Calls to Reform Democratic Nomination Process Have Roots in 1968 Convention

Cries that the system is “rigged” and calls to reform the presidential nomination process have become popular refrains in both major parties this year. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders… 764 more words

Trump ahead in polls

From CNN:

The new poll findings mark Trump’s best showing in a CNN/ORC Poll against Clinton since September 2015. Trump’s new edge rests largely on increased support among independents, 43% of whom said that Trump’s convention in Cleveland left them more likely to back him, while 41% were dissuaded. 87 more words


Photos: Thousands protest ahead of Democratic National Convention

PHILADELPHIA (WPRI) — Environmental and pro-Bernie Sanders groups gathered Sunday in downtown Philadelphia to rally outside the Democratic National Convention. The protests are expected to continue as the convention gets underway… 10 more words