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The local MP came to visit today.

He played with his tie, in the half-empty boiling hot working class room.

Nobody offered him water.

He looked outside at the summery breeze and chewed his nails for an hour or so. 49 more words


Unforced Errors

This election campaign isn’t short on changes. The last time I posted it seemed that nothing could stop the Tories from romping home to victory. Since then, team May has been proving that it is perfectly within their power to turn a landslide into subsidence. 431 more words


Rouhani Re-elected

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was re-elected on Friday. He beat his challenger Ebrahim Raisi in a landslide, earning 57% of the votes to Raisi’s 38%. 440 more words


Will Corbyn be PM?

This letter reads more like a statement of regret for having called an early election. I could never really understand what the point of taking such a gamble was. 317 more words


Why is Labour rising in the polls?

Four of the last five opinion polls have the Labour Party on 34 or 35pc; one has 33pc, but that polling company had a low figure a week ago and has registered a 5pc rise in that time. 550 more words


The Declining Importance of the Left/Right Spectrum and its Consequences for Left Parties

Two weeks ago, liberals and progressives around the world breathed a sigh of relief as Emmanuel Macron defeated far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen by a healthy margin in the French Presidential election. 1,017 more words

Pedro Sanchez resumes position as head of Socialist Party

Spain’s PSOE, or Socialist Party, has chosen Pedro Sanchez as its leader.  Pedro Sanchez came ahead of Susana Diaz and Patxi Lopez in the party vote.  61 more words