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The Elective System in Education: "You Cannot Train Everybody For Everything"

Whatever one may say about our twenty-eighth president’s views about The United States role as promoter of democracy and capitalism and interventionism throughout the world, I think we have to give him full-hearted applause for… 912 more words


Mobility NXT ... Week 3

11th October, 2017 :

We showed sir our Futuristic designs of our  mobility and we saw the VR GRAVITY SKETCH .


What is Yearbook up to?

Ashley Wolf

Have you seen kids walking around campus with cameras recently? If so, it is because yearbook students are working hard to create this year’s yearbook, and I think it will be the best one yet. 136 more words

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What’s Going on in Band?

Gwyndalynn Kent

Have you heard loud noises coming from the band room? Well, that makes sense because this year’s band students have gotten their instruments and are ready to play. 268 more words

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Mobility NXT ... Week 2

4th October, 2017 :

Today we draw our futuristic car by its front view, top view, and side view.


Poetry With Kids / Might Not Be As Hard To Do / As You Think It Is

Let’s get started with a confession: I don’t like poetry. Even though I’m married to a man who loves it, who would read it to me on rainy nights over a glass of wine…I just don’t enjoy it. 782 more words

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In this session we were working on our mobility designs. Our faculty told us to do the technical drawing of our automobile design and then draw it in perspective. 19 more words