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Taking Danish Language & Culture Q&A: Atousa, University of Maryland

Each semester, DIS students enroll in a Danish or Swedish Language and Culture course to learn how to navigate cultural contexts, and gain the tools to better understand the people, history, and traditions of Denmark and Sweden. 1,101 more words


Hands On! Minds On! ... Week 1

2nd August, 2017 :

Today was our first elective so I was very excited  because I had chosen my own elective . My elective was… 24 more words


Think Like A Genius ... Week 1

2nd August, 2017 :

Today was my first Electives I was very excited because I had chosen my own electives . My electives was Think like a genius… 38 more words


Electives- Week 1

2nd August, 2017– Today was the first session of the electives. I have chosen Photography and Motion Graphics and Video Editing. In photography we were taught about the manual functions of the camera like ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. 84 more words



What are the electives all about?

The electives are extended classes that we offer free of charge to our current students. They are offered on a daily basis on different topics so they can choose the field they want to study, and extend their skills. 279 more words


Electives Calendar and Info

*NOTE: Classroom and Teacher may change due to class occupancy and enrolments


Halifax - overall 11/10, just don't get the seafood chowder

Wow realized I saved this nugget in drafts. Now that we’re all flying off to our “vacations” (read 2-weeks of ++ trying to impress preceptors) and I’m currently stuck in the airport due to a flight cancellation, thought it might be nice to finally finish this. 2,096 more words