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TOS Review: Memoria Press (Latin)

So since most colleges ask for two credits in languages I thought it was important that my boys study a language in high school. My oldest chose Spanish, which I figured was pretty easy. 767 more words


March 8th - Gender Equality Day!

March 8th is a very important day because it brings a much needed awareness nowadays: gender equality.

The students from Fine Arts and 8th grade this year (and some from 7th as a bonus partiipation!), illustrated posters raising awareness and making us think about how the status quo is no longer the default. 35 more words

7th Grade

What Even Is Woodshop?

Averi Farren and Mariah Escatel

What even is woodshop?

Woodshop is a wood-making and design class that teaches students the basics of wood making and 3D figurine making. 561 more words

Stacey School News

Fall Electives Appeal to a Variety of Interests

By Fanny Zhao ’19

It’s almost time to choose your classes for the fall semester. There are required classes you have to take for the next semester, and there are also many electives you can take. 1,152 more words


The Future Belongs to Robots

Juneau Resnick

Stacey’s robotics classes are having a lot of fun building the technology of the future. They’ve even built robotic crocodiles! Yes, that seems random, but that’s what they wanted to create. 192 more words

Stacey School News

How Do We Do The Announcements!

Gwyndalynn Kent

Every morning, Tuesday through Friday, Journalism students do the morning announcements on the loudspeakers. This week though, you’ll learn how Ashley Wolf, Mia Grasse, and Gwyndalynn Kent do the announcements. 231 more words

Stacey School News

TOS Review: Bytes of Learning

As my kids get older, I realize the need for them to become more and more proficient with technology. While my son, a high school junior, is quite comfortable with computers one area that needs work is his typing skills. 488 more words