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Flash Fiction Friday: Seeking Approval at the End of the World

by: John Wayne Comunale
Kyle shut the window, closed the drapes, and made his decision. The ratings had been shit for years, despite it being the longest running show in history. 818 more words

How Presidential elections changed after 2017

(Excerpted from Professor Gib Edward, The Decline of the US Empire, Dugong Publishers, 2025.)

The big change in US Presidential election campaigns came as a surprise to nearly everyone. 411 more words


How To Overcome the Power of Big Money

In a recent blog, “Can the American People Overcome the Power of Big Money?,” I wrote “the common denominator that prevents the enactment of real, positive solutions to practically every issue Americans face is the power of Big Money.” After exploring the problem, I proposed that a massive, grassroots Democracy movement was the only viable way we, the people could succeed in reviving our democracy. 899 more words

Big Money

Sunday morning politics....

Since the election, I’ve talked less and less about this.

I am a moderate, a recently registered republican.  I love having political discourse with people.  I want to know how they think, and I want others to appreciate the thoughtfulness I put behind my positions. 2,820 more words


How Voter ID Laws Affect Democracy

Voter ID laws are damaging the decades of progress that have
been made on our democracy and voting rights in the U.S. Up to this date, … 455 more words

Voter Watch Blog

6 Ways Conservatives Strategically Disenfranchise Millennials

“If you’re under 30 and you’re a Republican, you have no heart. If you’re over 30 and you’re a Democrat, you have no brains,” a patronizing phrase my high school history teacher used to politically indoctrinate his impressionable students. 3,500 more words