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What Do We Do Now?

If ever there was a time to stand up and actively work for what we want our nation to be, that time is now. Our country desperately needs all of us. 651 more words


Three States Gave Trump the Electoral College: How Do they Like him Now?

Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are typically ‘blue’ states. But on the evening of November 8, 2016, more Republicans voted than Democrats and Donald Trump won the Electoral College. 422 more words

Why We Need the NPVIC

The first time I cast a vote for a U.S. president was on my 18th birthday, and when I entered that voting booth, it was an historic moment in my mind: … 936 more words

Electoral College

Young Labour's blistering statement on member disenfranchisement

Last month, the SKWAWKBOX revealed an anti-democratic move to disenfranchise huge numbers of ‘Young Labour’ (YL) members by imposing an ‘electoral college’ delegate system on YL’s annual conference. 694 more words

7 Ways We Are Losing Free Democratic Elections

I haven’t posted here for some months. Now I have something to say that I think is best covered with deeper reflection. As I had feared, this administration has been very toxic. 1,433 more words

American Politics


Why do we elect who we elect to lead us? How do we elect them? What is it about the representative democracy that makes our elections so interesting? 258 more words


More Trump Humor ! I like it...

Yes, idiots waste time posting humorous bits that only show how great our President is.  We have finally found a president that can show the world the USA can be great again, and all the terrorists and socialist are at a loss as to finding some chink in the armor. 126 more words

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