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50 minutes I won't get back

So, I watched 50 minutes of the Trump vs. Clinton debate last night, streamed it through Twitter. It’s 50 minutes that I won’t get back again. 704 more words


Review of "Faithless Elector" by James McCrone

Don’t let the enigmatic title and somewhat bland cover of this political thriller fool you. While the subject sounded interesting and very apropos for the times, which is why I decided to read it, I had no idea it would suck me in like it did. 512 more words

How Colorado Could Tip the 2016 Election

The Centennial State is much better known for the Rocky Mountains, ski resorts and the Denver Broncos than for determining presidential elections. The state voted for Obama twice, Bush Jr. 534 more words

Election 2016

Trump Pulls in the Gap Against Clinton

As the 2016 race for the White House approaches Election Day, political analysts are questioning where the numbers really stand, for Hillary Clinton as well as Donald Trump. 317 more words

Trump Is Shifting The Political Map

At the start of the campaign some pundits and analysts predicted Donald Trump had the potential to reshape the political map. His appeal to blue collar workers but weakness among college grads could have put red states in jeopardy and blue states in play. 459 more words


Will Maine Split Its Electoral Votes?

Maine is one of two states, the other being Nebraska,  in the nation that splits its electoral votes. Maine provides four votes to the Electoral College. 296 more words


Far-fetched Scenario: How Johnson Could Win the Presidency

It is well into the morning of November 9 when the talking heads begin making the call. Certain now of the results in the pivotal states of Florida and Ohio—as well as Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and even the single electoral vote in rural northern Maine—Fox News leads the way in announcing the result: Donald J. 954 more words

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