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Los Angeles County is bigger — in population — than at least 40 entire states. Not only does it have a huge population — more than 10 million and counting — it is also… 438 more words

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PPFA Evaluates the Electoral College (Part 2)

On Monday, Part 1 of this miniseries offered an overview of the Electoral College. Between the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s electoral victory and Professor Lawrence Lessig’s… 1,509 more words

Presidential Politics

Let the People Pick the President

Some interesting and timely arguments for getting rid of the Electoral College.

it’s terrible for the rest of the country, which is rendered effectively invisible, distorting our politics, our policy debates and even the distribution of federal funds.

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Nobody Is Flying The Plane

The Unpopularly Elected Loser: America's Stupidest Participation Trophy

The last U.S. presidential election again shone a light on the electoral college system. Recently, reading various commentary from people I respect and would generally consider democratically minded, it has alarmed me to find creeping support for this inherently anti-democratic system. 1,730 more words


How states can fix the Electoral College and prevent future Trumps

If just two states had adopted runoffs to ensure that the winners reached 50%, as the Founders intended, we might have a different president.

Donald Trump amassed 101 Electoral College votes in states where he failed to win 50% of the popular vote.  785 more words


The Virginia Election Results

I’m going to be frank with this one folks; we got the tar beaten out of us last night. It was a bad night to be a conservative. 389 more words


PPFA Evaluates the Electoral College (Part 1)

Harvard professor and former presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig, about whom PPFA wrote a piece two years ago, has an idea. The Electoral College, he says… 994 more words

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