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Why Was the Election of 1800 Important?

“Jefferson’s narrow victory in the presidential election of 1800 confirmed the changing course of national developments. Jefferson received seventy-three electoral votes to the sixty-five of the Federalist candidate, John Adams. 448 more words


The Money Man

I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, let me say that right off the top. I always thought he destroyed the United States Football League back in the 1980’s by wanting to switch the league from a spring to summer season to a fall and winter season. 295 more words


The Two Party Monopoly

Why do we only have two political parties? Sure, we have other political parties, but they have virtually no chance in national or for that matter, most state elections. 846 more words


Opinionated Donald Trump

People for the most part are very interesting to observe. Donald Trump is in a class all by himself.  Only a person who has never worn a uniform of war can stand up with a straight face and judge one who has.  1,226 more words

Donald Trump

Changes To Improve Democracy in the United States

The United States is not a democracy in any meaningful way as nearly half of all Americans are denied the right to vote and less than 35 Congress members face any genuine competition because of gerrymandering, which means that they adjust the Congressional district boundaries to ensure they get people who are most likely to vote for them. 403 more words

Presidential Trivia - John Quincy Adams

Think you know a lot about the President of the United States?  Let us dig down into the dustbin of history and see what we can find. 291 more words