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Republicans Are Making Inroads Into Democratic Territory

Since 1992 Democrats have enjoyed an Electoral College advantage. Consider that in 1992 Bill Clinton won 37o electoral votes and 379 in 1996. George Bush could only garner 271 in his initial bid and only 286 in 2004. 706 more words


A Positive message

With all of the negative rhetoric running rampant in this great country of ours, especially amongst the presidential hopefuls for 2016, I thought it would be refreshing to write something with a positive message. 1,762 more words

Political History Tuesday: Winning Candidates

Much discussion takes place as the candidates are selected by the Democrats and Republicans for the Presidential election of 2016. There is much talk about the political positions of the candidates. 435 more words

Presidential Elections

US political process - how it works

Civics is a lost academic discipline. Back in the day, high school kids had history, geography and civics classes. Then, social studies came in – supposedly a new name for the same lessons. 881 more words

Why Was the Election of 1800 Important?

“Jefferson’s narrow victory in the presidential election of 1800 confirmed the changing course of national developments. Jefferson received seventy-three electoral votes to the sixty-five of the Federalist candidate, John Adams. 448 more words


The Money Man

I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, let me say that right off the top. I always thought he destroyed the United States Football League back in the 1980’s by wanting to switch the league from a spring to summer season to a fall and winter season. 295 more words