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Why Donald Trump Will Likely Win A Second Term As President


Excellent history lesson!

Part of this article explains the history of the electoral college in the United States of America and why it must be eliminated.


Why we have an Electoral College.

Let’s say that you live in farm country.  How close do you live to one another?  On the coasts, however, the population density is much greater.  415 more words

Minority rule: Why our undemocratic republic must give way to something else

If something can’t go on forever, then it won’t. And so it is with the current state of our democracy, which awards disproportionate power to an ever-shrinking slice of the electorate. 151 more words


Eleven States have formed compact to pool electoral votes to country's popular votes

You hear the drumbeat….Hillary Clinton blamed the electoral college among many things for her loss. Now she and others such as Cortex are out on the same old trail. 546 more words

Hillary Clinton

Battling for Tomorrow Today

By now there should be no doubt that the extreme conservative/regressive movement in this country has assumed the upper hand in all matters political in this country. 732 more words

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Democrats' Campaign To Delegitimize The Supreme Court Is An Attempt To Intimidate The Justices

As in the runup to the first Obamacare decision, Democrats hope that threats to the Court’s legitimacy can influence one or more of the conservative Justices, particularly Chief Justice Roberts. 144 more words

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Ocasio-Cortez: "Electoral College... (is) a shadow of slavery's power on America... and undermines our nation..."

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Now, I know you might be thinking, “Stephen, did you just make this story up to rant and rave against socialism again?” 306 more words

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez