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PAGO PAGO, American Samoa – (The Adobo Chronicles) – While an online petition seeking to make the Philippines the 51st U.S. state has generated thousands of signatures, a slightly different kind of movement is gaining ground in Guam and American Samoa. 264 more words


The Republican Advantage in an Electoral College Tie

The Republican Advantage in an Electoral College Tie

Many are unaware of how the Electoral College system works in the United States. Some would be surprised to find out that on Election Day we do not directly elect our president. 2,071 more words

Electoral College

Lost and Found - February 17th Edition

What to remember about February 17th…

  • 1621  Miles Standish is elected by Pilgrim’s as 1st commander of Plymouth Colony
  • 1801  After 35 unsuccessful votes in Electoral College, Thomas Jefferson is elected 3rd President of the United States…
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Lost and Found - February 9th Edition

What to remember about February 9th…

  • 1773  Future 9th President William Henry Harrison is born in Virginia (d. 1841), will die in office after 1 month after inauguration…
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Let's talk about the Electoral College and its Flaws!

So, as the title implies, I am here to talk about the Electoral College. For those of you who don’t know what the electoral college is or how it works, I’ll tell you. 737 more words

Lost and Found - February 4th Edition

What to remember about February 4th…

  • 1789  George Washington is 1st and only President to be unanimously elected by the Electoral College
  • 1801  John Marshall is sworn in as 4th Chief Justice of the United States…
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Congress Needs to Vote on Election Day

The American culture and workweek demands a change to the current Election Day. It’s just time.

If every politician believes that “your vote counts”, then why does the government make voting so inconvenient? 928 more words

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