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The Electoral College Rap

Republican Electors, get patriotic,
You can’t choose somebody so despotic.
To lead our nation, it’s idiotic,
Trump thinks everything’s TV episodic,
He’d make our lives so damned chaotic, 222 more words


The Electoral College: Why Does It Exist and Will It Do Its Job?

Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump by 2,600,000 popular votes. However, Mr. Trump defeated Mrs. Clinton by 74 electoral votes, and those votes decide the presidency. Therein lies the dilemma of our second election crisis in sixteen years.  1,420 more words

David Offutt

A Trump Victory: Whitelash?

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, a lot of narratives have been perpetuated as to what happened. One of the most popular explanations being peddled by the left is that the white population pushed Trump to victory over fear of a changing country. 310 more words


Electors Consider: Your Office is the Bulwark Against Tyranny

   The original intention of the founders is quite obviously that the electors not consider themselves “pledged,” but make a genuine choice based on their view of the good of the nation. 568 more words


Electoral College: SAVE US FROM TRUMP!

I hope you’ll take a minute to read: “Democrats Can Stop Trump Via the Electoral College. But Not How You Think.” http://wpo.st/dJiK2  The author, Michael Cannon, is a scholar at the Cato Institute, which is a libertarian think tank. 205 more words


"Faithless" Electors II - secret ballots, potential for bakshish

See the part I blog post on faithless electors, here.

Another technical aspect of this scenario: would potential faithless/dissenting electors face possible retribution from either the Republican Party or a Trump administration (if their effort fails)? 292 more words