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Campaign Update: Gaining Momentum.

I wanted to thank the people who have subbed my wordpress site and the people who follow me on Twitter @MrJLCharbonneau. In a world where the power of words and their usage has been compressed into a couple sentences, it gives me hope that THIS method of communication has reached the most people directly so far. 503 more words

A few humble thoughts about police state style surveillance and the U.S. Constitution

This year is flying by rapidly and the news moves so lightning-fast that a huge event in February is ancient history in April. I am a regular working person with a full-time job who blogs as a side gig so I am a little behind on the news cycle. 1,245 more words


Trump Tweets

Donald Trump voiced his opinion about the electoral college in a tweet he posted in 2012. As posted on our blog, the tweet reads, “The electoral college is a  disaster for a democracy”, as shown below. 132 more words

Electoral College

The Electoral College As Taught by Schoolhouse Rock

Schoolhouse Rock, infamously known for “Conjunction Junction” and “I’m Just a Bill” released an amazing and entertaining video explaining the electoral college in simpler terms. This video makes it easy to understand the role of the electoral college and how it influences the elections that we all take part in with the intriguing animation and engaging tune.  6 more words

Electoral College

How Well Do You Know the Electoral College?

The “Electoral College Shenanigans” game on www.sporcle.com quizzes users on random facts about previous elections, voter turnout, and election results. This game puts into perspective the impact the electoral college has had on past elections and also tests society’s knowledge the electoral college. 15 more words

Electoral College

The Test of Time (Refutation #3)

Since the results of the 2016 election, there are few things which have been as frequently debated as the existence of the electoral college. Written just several days after the election unraveled, the Washington Post’s article… 324 more words

Electoral College

10 things congress needs to do to help the American People

How long would you stay employed if you spent most of your day telling your boss the things you will do but never do them?  If you were an employer and had an employee that behaved that way, how long would you wait before firing them? 11,167 more words