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The Fallacies of Neoliberal Protest, Part 2

Recently, a professor at Cornell University named Russell Rickford wrote a fascinating article about the Black Lives Matter movement called “The Fallacies of Neoliberal Protest”. In this article, Rickford outlines what he calls the “false assumptions” that are “propagated by the corporate power structure ”. 918 more words



Like a broken clock two times daily, our new President occasionally gets it right. During his recent campaign, Trump repeatedly bewailed “the election is rigged!” No truer statement has ever exited this man’s mouth, albeit unintentionally. 967 more words


On the occasion of the Trump inauguration

It is now D-Day minus one. I feel that I must write this because I fear our country is in grave danger. Regardless of the party, having control of the oval office, both houses of Congress, soon the judiciary, and a majority of governorship’s is a disaster waiting to happen…and we won’t have to wait long. 964 more words

In Defense of the Electoral College

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is significantly longer than our normal posts. The Electoral College has recently become a divisive issue in American Politics, and we felt that forgoing thoroughness in the name of brevity would be a disservice to our readers.   3,404 more words

Election 2016

Yes, Indeed


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I certainly can’t claim to have been overworked since early October. My sit muscles have been overworked, for sure, but that’s about it. 262 more words

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Hillary Clinton's SUPER DELEGATES Take A Knee on Donald J Trump #45 Inauguration


Remember how the Primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton because of the SUPER DELEGATES?  Remember when they were the system everyone hated?  Remember the DNC Convention and how they treated anyone who was not a Hillary Sycophant? 161 more words

Hillary Fraud