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It’s Official, it’s President-Elect Trump

On Monday, the Electoral College held it’s constitutionally mandated vote to elect the President of the United States. Yes, Donald Trump won again, and no, I’m still not tired of the winning! 322 more words

Robots Can’t Vote, but They Helped Elect Trump

The areas of the country with the largest robot work forces gave the president an unanticipated advantage in the Electoral College.

Published: January 11, 2018 at 05:30AM… 71 more words


Why Democrats hate the Electoral College (Or any system to ensure Electoral Integrity)

Since my piece on the Electoral College has been such a smashing success I have decided to do this fun follow up, expanding upon my criticisms of efforts to undermine our electoral system and specifically targeting the people who try. 1,725 more words


Nick Freitas Fights Effort To Destroy Electoral College

Photo credit: Remso W. Martinez

One of the last true and trusted methods of the federalist system, the Electoral College, is under attack as progressives in the Virginia House of Delegates are attempting to pass a vote which would recognize the Commonwealth as part of the “National Popular Vote” movement. 596 more words


Mapping the 2016 Election

As the president and his co-conspirators plumb even deeper depths of evil and stupidity, it’s worth reminding ourselves how a serious candidate for Worst Person in the World got his new job. 332 more words


Electoral College

Today in History, January 7, 1789 –

The states first elected their Electoral College electors, who would elect George Washington as the first President. The Electoral College was established so that less populated states would not be left without a say in the choice of the Chief Executive. 46 more words