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Is that dramatic enough for ya… huh? Huh?? HUH???

So, how the HELL did America ever get stuck with…

THAT brown shirted, white sheeted, robber-baron Putin hugger… THAT fear/warmongering, saber rattling, nuclear madman/gun nut… THAT slayer of Lady Liberty and Mother Nature, mocker of the disabled, aged and infirm, loather of LGBTQs and abuser of women and children!

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The Road to 270: How the Electoral College Defines American Democracy

The United States concluded its 57th Presidential Election cycle last November. Forty-three men have held what many people consider to be the most prominent political office in the world. 1,101 more words

Purely Politics

The Electoral College System Must Go

In every other election the popular vote determines the winner except for presidency. Although George Bush won the popular vote in 2004,  as the last Republican to win the popular vote, he lost it in 2000 but still won the presidency. 373 more words

Current Events

The Population Shift: More Reason to Abolish the Electoral College

I have long opposed the Electoral College and I now have 1 million more reasons to do so. One of them is the population shift in all 50 states. 813 more words

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No One Expected Thugs

There’s that letter that John Adams wrote to John Taylor in 1814 – “There never was a Democracy yet, that did not commit suicide.”

What? What about what he had helped create? 3,213 more words