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Twitter Poll - 10/24/16 - Are You Voting in 2016?

This poll ran on Twitter over a period of 24 hours.

Today, #EarlyVoting begins in Texas. Will you vote early, on #ElectionDay, or not at all?

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Twitter Poll - 10/20/16 - Should Reince Priebus Stay as GOP Chair?

This poll ran on Twitter for 24 hours.

Should Reince Priebus remain GOP Chairman?

— Vlad Davidiuk (@VladDavidiuk) October 20, 2016

Only 7 votes were tallied, but the results were illuminating nonetheless.

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What America Needed to Hear From Donald Trump

It’s become increasingly likely that the election is already over, and Donald Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton. There do however, remain a few glimmers of hope – one being the insurgent candidacy of Evan McMullin, and his “deny 270” strategy, the other being Trump’s withdrawal from the race. 969 more words

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What This 2012 Map Tells Us About America, and the Election

History, race, religion, identity, geography: The 2012 election county-level map has many stories to tell, including about the 2016 race.

Source: www.nytimes.com

The coverage of this election feels less objective than in past years (maybe that’s just my perception, but that is why I’ve shared less electoral resources than in past years).

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A Presidential Candidate CAN Win the Presidency Without the Popular Vote

The Presidency of the United States has been won without winning the popular vote 4 times so far in the History of the USA.

The 2000 election was the most recent when the candidate who received the greatest number of electoral votes, and thus won the presidency, didn’t win the popular vote. 1,281 more words


Twitter Poll - 10/15/16 - Who to blame for Trump Loss?

This poll ran on Twitter over a period of two days.

If Donald Trump loses in November, who is to blame?

— Vlad Davidiuk (@VladDavidiuk) …

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The First Presidential Debate: The Liar and The Lout

The first debate between the two least-admired nominees in electoral memory was a puerile display; an embarrassing 90 minute bum fight detrimental to the viewing public and inimical to a Republic which once had higher standards. 895 more words

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