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Sinking His Own Ship

Since 2008, Barack Obama has presided over the absolute destruction of the Democrat Party as a national force. Other than competing for the presidency, the Democrats across America are in steep decline and retreat, as they lose election after election. 364 more words

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The Queen of Lies

Never forget:

Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Hillary Clinton is a liar.

Hillary lied. Hillary’s lying. Hillary will lie.

Hillary’s lies define her.

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Reflections: Electoral System

Our latest CATS session saw us delve into the electoral system, and the spectrum of the political party system. We also had a brief discussion about the emergency services and their merits. 204 more words


On the Defeat of HERO

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, better known as HERO, suffered a humiliating defeat on Tuesday, as Houston voters on both sides of the political divide solidly declared in a huge landslide 62% to 38% that the widely despised ordinance be repealed. 319 more words

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The Role Model

Apparently, Chairman Mao inspired Hillary in ideology, politics, economics and, most importantly, fashion.

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