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Chill Baby, Chill! - the Classics

Me, 2001, sitting in a coffee place, wondering about life in general, when suddenly they started to play THAT track:  “What was the name of it again…no major mainstream hit song but yet so familiar….aaah it’s on the tip of my tongue…some chill sound track…Oh no, it’s over!” Yes, that were the exact same thoughts every time I was sitting in a coffee house or Cafe-del-mar-esque bar before the breakthrough invention of “Shazam”. 97 more words


Classic Album Review: MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

The album has become a celebration, a thrillride of passion and feel-good emotion, powerful enough to inspire a generation to cut loose and leave their worries at the door. 474 more words


Playlist: Chill Baby, Chill #8

For quite a while (spring, summer…) it seemed as if there weren´t any other songs than “Des-paaa-cito…”, but yes, it´s finally autumn and the right time to sip on your coffee and having long chats with great friends about life, while listening to the correct coffeetable soundtrack: TwentyNineSomething´s Chill Baby, Chill playlist #8 .


Playlist: Chill Baby, Chill! #6

Tadaaaaa…Spring is here (well, at the Northern Hemisphere at least), which is a good reason for a new TwentyNineSomething playlist. Inspired by some traveling (yes, long-haul flights and airline playlists are quite a good combination..), a “Post-Southamerica-Blues” and a new HBO TV Show with a great soundtrack (Big Little Lies, anyone?), it’s time to share some fresh and classic tracks with you. 38 more words