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Energy Secretary Perry visits McNary Dam; mum on BPA sale

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry met with reporters Monday following a tour of McNary Dam outside Umatilla.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry was noncommittal Monday when asked about a proposal in the president’s budget to privatize the Bonneville Power Administration transmission grid following a tour of McNary Dam along the Columbia River. 51 more words

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Will The Total Solar Eclipse Affect Solar Power?

You’re ready for the eclipse on Aug. 21, with your non-counterfeit viewing glasses and travel plans set. Yet here’s something that you may not have thought of: How will a total or even a partial solar eclipse affect homes and workplaces that use solar power? 193 more words

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Where Are All of These Electric Cars Going to Charge?

With the arrival of the Tesla Model 3, many agree that the electric car is finally poised to go mainstream. But as the grand plans of CEO Elon Musk come to fruition, cities and businesses need to move fast to install enough public chargers for all of them—and maybe even to produce enough electricity. 306 more words


Will America’s Epic Eclipse Impact Our Electric Grid?

For about three hours on August 21st, power grid operators across the United States will be confronted with a sudden drop in available electricity, owing to the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in nearly a century. 143 more words


Why you can no longer put off prepping for hacks and takedowns of ALL U.S. infrastructure

(National SentinelDomestic threats: Unbeknownst to most Americans, there is a conference that takes place in Las Vegas every single year that draws the most competent, capable hackers in the world. 612 more words


The leaked DOE Report

The Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, issued a memorandum on April 14, 2017 directing  preparation of a study that examines whether recent problems associated with baseload power plants may be putting the nations’s energy security and reliability at risk. 152 more words


The Trump administration claim that renewable energy threatens the stability of the US power grid is ludicrous

Recent statements from Washington suggest that grid reliability will be threatened if old power plants using coal continue to be replaced by modern power plants using natural gas, wind power, and solar power. 672 more words