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A Look at Japan's Post-disaster Grid Resilience

Introduction by Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Facilitator
Presentation by Dan Bihn, Enerdynamics Facilitator

Sure everyone wants a more resilient electric grid. Especially after a recent natural disaster that caused long outages. 204 more words


We're Falling Apart!

Photo Credit: am1070theanswer.com

I had several ideas of articles to write today, but then this happened this week to the East Coast:

6 States Facing Possible Gas Shortages After Colonial Pipeline Spill… 607 more words


Working to be Wrong

Right now I have an odd  after hours task: proving myself wrong. The issue is what a Carrington Event would do to the power grid. For those who may not have heard of it, the Carrington Event was a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that hit the earth in 1859. 721 more words


Intermittent Renewables Can't Favorably Transform Grid Electricity

Many people are hoping for wind and solar PV to transform grid electricity in a favorable way. Is this really possible? Is it really feasible for intermittent renewables to generate a large share of grid electricity? 3,731 more words

Financial Implications

facts on our grid

Thomas Edison discovered a way to transmit electricity. The year was 1882 in the Manhattan borough of NYC. He established the first electric station.                      “The pearl Street Station” Instead of kerosene lights eventually we had incandescent  light bulbs. 462 more words

UPDATE: Keeping U.S. Reactors Safe from Power Pulses

Scott Burnell
Public Affairs Officer

The NRC requires U.S. nuclear power plants to be able to shut down safely in the face of many extreme events – tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes. 482 more words


National Power Grid Attacked by Terrorist

“A single monkey caused a nationwide blackout in Kenya after falling on to a crucial piece of equipment.

The monkey fell on a transformer at the… 158 more words