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Friday roundup: nukes want more from DOE, Ex-Im, Exelon, and a happy note

On Tuesday, the Obama administration released the results of a major review of the nation’s electric grid, concluding that billions of dollars of investment is needed to modernize the grid, replace aging power lines and prepare for more renewables entering the electricity marketplace. 1,613 more words

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On EMP: Texas Senator takes action to protect critical infrastructure

Texas Senator Bob Hall hears testimony on on Senate Bill 1398 from Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy. SB 1398 sets scientific and security based standards fro electrical grid protection higher than the self regulating industry standards. 55 more words

Existential Threats

The 100-Year Geomagnetic Storm and The Electric Grid

Source: Survival Blog

An average of once every one hundred years the sun takes aim at earth and launches a ginormous coronal mass ejection(CME). Less than a day later, it arrives as a cloud of charged particles and hits the earth’s magnetic field. 346 more words


A new, cheap battery that charges in a minute could be the future of cell phones

Scientists at Stanford University have created a battery that in the future could be a workhorse of consumer electronics such as smartphones. The battery, which is made from aluminum and graphite, is flexible, safe, cheap, and fast-charging—prototypes created by the scientists can charge from empty to full in the span of one minute. 271 more words

German govt. expert warns Smart Meters are access points to electricity grid, hacking the grid from private homes possible

“Introducing smart meters means you install access points to the electricity grid in private homes,” said Reinhard Gruenwald, an energy expert at the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag, a scientific institution advising German lawmakers.

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Solar eclipse and the German Power grid -- Followup

Here’s a neat chart that shows Germany’s resource usage for electricity production by date and hour. You can very clearly see the daily cycling of solar power generation. 27 more words