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Stunning Designs and Fantastic Opportunities!

Friday again, where do the days go?  It doesn’t matter how quickly the time goes by, we still manage to pack plenty of activity into the time and this week is no different. 801 more words


Creative, Poignant and Focused!

Yet another exciting and busy week at GKC.  We’ve had two groups of students visiting different venues, a successful competition entry, a music workshop and don’t forget our week long craft fair. 1,381 more words


Record Breaking, Market Making Students!!

Wow, the end of November already, we are right into winter now.

All our events and activities are still going strong and the students are throwing themselves into fundraising, enterprise and organising events. 1,180 more words


A Busy, Constructive Week

November already and looks like winter may be well on the way.

A lot has been happening at the college again this week and we have had a fair amount of updates and information on what the students have been up to, so we will begin. 1,465 more words


Apply and Develop

Not long now!!!   Most of our 2015/16 students have now enrolled and are raring to get started, then we will be back into swing with all our student and staff activities. 623 more words


Summer Fun and Activity

Another quiet week here at GKC, we are still working hard preparing for the new academic year, but we don’t have any student activity to tell you about. 311 more words


Constructive Students and Adventurous Staff!!

Well, I guess you will have been expecting a quiet week and a short blog update this time, after all most of the students have finished up, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way. 1,177 more words