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The Tyranny of Free Time, or How to Be Bored In Fiji

Electric Literature published an excerpt of Mary Mann’s new book, Yawn: Adventures in Boredom. In this chapter about the origins, tensions, and limitations of tourism, she lays bare what most travelers are loathe to admit: it’s just as easy to be bored in Paris or on Bora Bora as it is at home. 167 more words


A Reading List for Mother's Day

There is no grand unified theory of motherhood. Within every paradigm–chosen families, queer families, nuclear families, adoptive and foster families, on and on– mothering may vary a million times over. 856 more words

Reading List

On worldbuilding and excessive literality

“The reader who expects worldbuilding is frequently the reader who expects fiction to have ‘answers.’ The one who wants all mysteries to be solved, all stories to have ‘a point,’ and all ambiguity to be swept under the rug.” 6 more words

Twenty-first Century

Urban disquiet in Nineveh: city-dwellers under stress

Nineveh is included in a fascinating list of five recent international novels dealing with “City-Dwellers Under Stress … urban disquiet and the evolving tensions of 21st century city living” (along with Ge Fei’s… 91 more words

The Dragonbone Chair: A Review

Cover art by Michael Whelan

The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams
672 pages, DAW 1988

The Dragonbone Chair is pure and simple: perfect fantasy.

One book into the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy I’m a fanboy. 470 more words