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Good articles are hard to find.

We are surrounded by articles such as “10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Reader” to “10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Reader”, only to establish ourselves in the ‘Other’ category. 336 more words


How To Launch A Literary Journal

Oh precious, darling reader. You’ve accompanied me through thick and thin. For that I owe you a great debt. But I’m afraid, despite our fraternal union, we are both guilty of a gross oversight. 358 more words

Good Ideas

Quick Quotes—The Week In Publishing

“Brilliant one-of-a-kind artists sometimes never find the recognition they deserve because Lady Luck didn’t happen to smile down at the right moment. In fact, they fail to be recognized more often than not.”— 328 more words

June Fiction Prompts from Electric Literature

In case you’re looking for some pulled-from-the-headlines writing inspiration, check out this “June Fiction Prompts” post from Electric Literature! Not only do they share some ridiculous news stories from the month but they also pair the story to a specific genre, such as “Kitty Body Horror”. 95 more words


How Long Does It Take to Read Your Favorite Books? (Electric Literature)

For me, as for (probably) many others, approaching the finish line of any book is enough motivation to shift into a determined sprint and put the whole race behind me as quickly as possible. 467 more words