The death of the internal combustion engine

It had a good run. But the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world


But its days are numbered. Rapid gains in battery technology favour… 162 more words

Tesla Motors

Big Oil just realized Electric Car demand is rising

❝ The world’s biggest oil producers are starting to take electric vehicles seriously as a long-term threat.

OPEC quintupled its forecast for sales of plug-in EVs, and oil producers from Exxon Mobil Corp.

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Find Perfect Quality Clamping Distributors For You

When there seems to be a requirement for finding the right distributors of different electrical supplies, then you should never try to compromise on the quality at all. 375 more words

Generators in Bangalore

Generators in Bangalore

Since its inception in 1970, Mieco has made rapid advances in the Indian genset industry to date. The Mieco Generators in Bangalore… 195 more words

Generators Dealers In Bangalore

Revolutionary affordable high performance electric vehicles from Saietta

Electric motor pioneer, Saietta raises more funding and advances towards powering revolutionary affordable high performance electric vehicles.

Multi – world record holder Saietta is ripping up the rule book of electric motor technology. 445 more words

Electric Motors

Synchronous Motors

Synchronous motor


Synchronous motor are used in radar and gyroscope.

window wiper, viscotherm, synchroscope, shaft generator, electric propulsion


Stator has 3phase armature winding in the slots of the stator core. 558 more words

Electric Motors

DK Rewinds: maintaining and manufacturing spares for traction motors

DK Rewinds a Smethwick family business founded in 1976 by Mr Harbhajan Singh Bhogal, has two sites in the area, employing over 60 full time staff, including three electrical engineering apprentices. 245 more words