Electric Motors

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Electric Motors

When searching for electric motors, there are many reasons why you’ll come across the name ARC Systems Inc. We’ve been in business for decades and have a lasting reputation for excellent customer service and prompt delivery. 135 more words


Know the Difference between Linear and Geared Stepper Motor

A stepper motor or simply a step motor is a type of brushless DC electric motor that divides one full motor rotation into a number of equal steps. 275 more words

Electric Motors

Brushed DC Motor: A Motor for All Your Traction Needs

Brushed DC motors are a type of DC motor that are internally commuted. They are designed to run from a DC power source. Their first commercially important use was for the application of electric power to drive mechanical loads. 270 more words

Electric Motors

Know the Difference between Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

Motor control and motor markets thrive in different applications, particularly in the robotics and medical industries. Likewise, the automotive sector has a high demand for high and low-torque, high and low-power, efficient, and compact motors. 331 more words

Electric Motors

Get the Alternate Source for Your Current Custom Motor

Finding another source for custom motor parts can be daunting. You want to make sure that you are working with a reputable supplier with reliable logistics and high-quality parts, which you can purchase at a reasonable price. 269 more words

Electric Motors

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We are specialists in the supply and repair of Industrial Gearboxes, Geared Motors and Electric motors. 10 more words