Important Things You Should Concentrate While Purchasing Water Pumps

Here are some important things you should concentrate while purchasing water pumps for your commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Dosing Pumps

How Electric Motors Work

Electric motors are another piece of engineering that we take completely for granted.  When we think of electric motors we instantly think of machines and cars but their uses are even more subtle than you could imagine.   381 more words

Everyday Objects


Putco chrome in channel side window vent visors will increase the style of your vehicle. Putco chrome In-channel side window deflectors have chrome that is a 36-hour CASS chrome on ABS plastic for the ultimate in shine and finish. 658 more words


March Featured Product: Electric Motors

Just like that, March is here, coming in like a lion. This month, we would like to focus on electric motors. We carry AC and DC motors to fulfill a variety of needs and/or uses. 145 more words


What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

FAQ –  Variable Frequency Drive Edition

What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is an electronic device that allows you to start, stop, and control the speed of a… 250 more words

Adjustable Frequency Drive

Three Phase Electric Motor Wiring Diagrams


Three Phase – 12 Lead Motor

Three Phase – 9 Lead Motor

Three Phase – 6 Lead Motor

Three Phase – 3 Lead Motor

Electric Motors

Applications of NEMA 42 Stepper Motors in High Torque Motion Systems

NEMA 42 stepper motors may be key component in precision positioning equipment where optics sensing and lasers are involved, such as rotation stages, linear stages, mirror mounts, goniometers, and linear actuators. 263 more words

Electric Motors