The Gripping Point

Electric motors can provide a touch for delicate applications

Pneumatic actuators are often touted for their holding strength, energy density, and ability to handle applications with high force ratings. 414 more words

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When in Rome...

Georgia electric motor shop catches repeat burglar

The following describe the actions of a man who is one of the three:

a) A copper wiring enthusiast and avid mechanical experimenter… 325 more words

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No Progress Without Struggle

Mass. shop exhibits a fusion of tradition and innovation

Bigelow Electrical is “providing old-school service honed into a nascent undertaking,” as described by Bill Thomas, correspondent for the Worcester Telegram… 365 more words

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Safe and Sound

Baldor achieves safety milestone

Baldor Electric Co., of Fort Smith, Ark., has reached a 14 million hour safety milestone, per a news release on its website… 291 more words

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Variable frequency drives are an alarmingly easy target

Could hackers remotely burn industrial motors to disable water plants, HVAC systems, even mining operations? Recent insight on the topic suggests they can, with alarming ease and no intelligence or codebreaking experience necessary. 626 more words

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Discussing Redesign Options for Electric Motors

Can shape optimization improve electric motor function?

Let’s check back in on shape optimization.

The redesign technique seems to resurface every so often, offering valuable options for smoother operating, more efficient motors. 456 more words

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Above the Clouds

NASA has plans to take electric motors and generators to new heights

On Tuesday, NASA made its first official announcement regarding plans to use electricity to power airplanes in the future. 208 more words

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