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Tesla 100D versions, Faraday Future crossover, CAFE fight: Today's Car News

Today, Tesla launches longer-range 100D versions of the Model S and Model X, a vehicle that could be Faraday Future’s first production electric car appears in Los Angeles, and automakers and the U.S. 217 more words


New Kia Rio set for Paris reveal

Sketches of the new Kia Rio supermini have been revealed, ahead of its official unveil at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. This fourth generation model was designed at Kia’s design centres in Germany and America and, on top of the all-new appearance, it promises to offer more safety and connectivity features than ever before. 294 more words


Carmakers asked to extend CAFE comment period; EPA said no

It’s probably the battle that will do most to determine the carbon emission from new U.S. vehicles over the next decade.

Automakers want to modify, delay, or extend the current corporate average fuel economy standards for 2022 through 2025 vehicles; regulators don’t. 413 more words


Multi-brand electric-car dealer to open in Canada after Iceland test

With the notable exception of Tesla Motors’ company-owned stores, electric cars must compete against internal-combustion models for space and attention on dealer lots.

But what if a dealership sold only electric cars, covering multiple brands? 368 more words


Will CAFE standards have to be relaxed starting in 2021?

Last month, regulators released a “Technical Assessment Report” on how well automakers have done thus far in meeting Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.

The report indicated that carmakers might fall short of the goal of an average 54.5 mpg (or about 38 mpg on window stickers) for vehicles sold in the U.S. 376 more words


What should Tesla's next vehicle be after the Model 3 and Model Y? Our poll results

2012 Tesla Model S beta vehicle, Fremont, CA, October 2011

Enlarge Photo

In broad plan, Tesla Motors has stuck by the “secret master plan” it published 10 years ago. 425 more words


Reactions to Tesla 100D versions less than ecstatic: here's why

Generally, when Tesla Motors makes an announcement about a new product or a future plan, its fans and advocates cheer lustily.

The rest of the industry grunts, takes quiet notice, and carries on. 402 more words