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Lighting (Impact Protection) CPD

I recently attending a CPD on lighting (impact protection) and below are a few notes on what I learnt

  • Guidelines only to IK10
  • IK0 being no impact protection…
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Electrical Engineering

Circuit breaker discrimination - rule of thumb

Rule of thumb for circuit breaker discrimination is above 2 for example I use 2.2

Electrical Engineering

The World's First Electric Monster Truck

The World’s First Electric Monster Truck


“What is the best way for Americans be green and sustainable?”

I have to admit something. As an American, I love monster trucks. 140 more words


Cable Joints

Quick note on cable joints

They are the weakest part of the circuit

The connections loosen over time and can create faults

It creates the highest resistive part of the path… 12 more words

Electrical Engineering

The Chaos of Linux and the Peace of Windows 7

A week ago I had to replace our desktop operating system from CAE Linux to Windows 7. The decision was driven by the inability of the Linux environment to accommodate the… 516 more words


How Microgrids Can Help Indigenous Communities

How Microgrids Can Help Indigenous Communities


“How can indigenous communities benefit from the deployment of microgrids?”

The freedom brought by Distributed Energy Resource technologies such as… 55 more words


Charge, Current, Voltage, and Skiing

From my last post, I presented the basic definition of electrical engineering as being about designing and making technology that controls electricity flow to make something happen. 484 more words

Basic Electrical Concepts