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Here Comes the Sun

Rooftop solar panels, smart thermostats, residential batteries, and other tech may help you manage your energy use, generate electricity, and lower your utility bills. For example, homeowners can use solar systems to generate clean electricity to power their home and electric car. 521 more words


Danger! Virus Discovered That Targets America's Electrical Grid

Two security firms, ESET and Dragos, released reports about the discovery of a virus that aims to damage equipment on any nation’s electric grid. The virus is called Industroyer, also known as “Crash Override,” and targets computers that control electrical substations and circuit breakers. 67 more words

Blackout by Marc Elsberg

Blackout by Marc Elsberg
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Title: Blackout
Author: Marc Elsberg
Series: n/a
Pages: 320
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Date: June 6, 2017… 534 more words


Power Plant Fun Facts!

Some food of the modern day I made to feed the brain.

For more detail about how power plant works, click the source here!


102. The Other Terrorism

Clearly, terrorism has dramatically affected most of Earth’s citizens. Airplane
travel and other modes of transportation are affected, people live in fear, disastrous mass migrations have occurred, and governments have toppled. 544 more words


What is a supergrid? - Jan 16th 2017, 23:57 BY H.H.

ENERGY distribution has come a long way since the early 20th century, when cities pumped pressurised fluids to homes and businesses to power pneumatic machines. Today, energy flows around entire countries in the form of electricity. 214 more words

Point Of Interest

1/4/17 Fake News

Note: I started this on 12/27/16. The topic of fake news is still standing like a windmill under siege by Don Quixote.  And-da-one-and-da-two . . . 3,100 more words