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With Tesla Entering Market, Hopes for Home Batteries Grow

via the New York Times

Christian Kasberger, a telecommunications engineer in the Austrian town of Waizenkirchen, wanted to reduce his family’s dependence on fossil fuels that help power the electrical grid. 275 more words

Battery System

Marita on the solar scam

Recently we have posted on the recruitment of conservatives to push the crony capitalism strategy to get government breaks for solar.

Solar stinks as an energy source. 1,087 more words

Energy Efficiency

U.S. Electrical Grid is Scary Weak

April 13, 2015

By  Dr. Tyra Oldham, LANDsds Sustainable Voice News

if I can speak plainly the U.S. Grid is not sustainable. The frequent blackouts due acts of man and weather can cause short-to-long-term brown-to-blackouts.   208 more words


Sterling Burnett on the idiocy of renewables

Here I am in an oil producing state, but my State Senator, Troy Fraser was bought by wind interests many years ago and sponsored a successful bill to force electricity produces to use wind–a stupid, ugle, inefficient method that increases costs. 977 more words


How to keep the lights on when fossil fuels are gone

‘Imagine a 540-foot tower spiking through the flat Nevada horizon, storing energy as thousands of surrounding mirrors reflect sunlight to heat molten salt inside. Or how about solar cells on individual homes in constant electronic communication with utility companies to tailor energy needs? 193 more words


Mandates on alternative energy in Ohio

Believe it or not, Texas has a mandate for electric companies that forces them to obtain alternative source energy for a share of the target output–Texas has more wind than any other state, but it is no a good wind state except in the panhandle and the gulf shore. 62 more words