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The United States Has Been Attacked By A Massive Data Breach From The Chinese That Possibly Involves Four Million Federal Employees

This is war against the United States. This is big time. Just picture what happened here. Like Mark Levin stated today on his radio program, the term that is being used by the Washington Post that Chinese hackers pulled this off is no such term. 294 more words

Marita on energy policy and delusional enviro proposals

Marita’s weekly–this one summarizes a number of festering energy problems. 2,153 more words

Climate Change

Greens are just anti capitalism socialists--they don't care about Gaia

This is a charade–the green machine is about destroying capitalism–it is a Luddite movement under the banner of saving the earth.

That’s why sustainability is such a scam concept. 11 more words


Bird killer wind turbines now condemned by greens--why so late?

Wind is a lousy way to produce electricity and it kills lots of birds and bats.

It also is an eyesore on the prominences of land where sited, and the flashing lights and whomping sound has been shown to cause human habitation close to turbines distressing. 159 more words


With Tesla Entering Market, Hopes for Home Batteries Grow

via the New York Times

Christian Kasberger, a telecommunications engineer in the Austrian town of Waizenkirchen, wanted to reduce his family’s dependence on fossil fuels that help power the electrical grid. 275 more words

Battery System

Marita on the solar scam

Recently we have posted on the recruitment of conservatives to push the crony capitalism strategy to get government breaks for solar.

Solar stinks as an energy source. 1,087 more words

Energy Efficiency