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Obama — the Nation’s Great Destroyer

According to Murray Energy CEO, Robert Murray, Obama is on a “bizarre, personal and political” quest to destroy the coal industry, as well as the entire country. 225 more words


Heading Toward An EMP Catastrophe

Call your representatives, and insist they take action to protect the electrical grid.


….Consequently, policymakers in the States who are alarmed by the lack of progress in Washington on EMP preparedness, find themselves seriously disadvantaged in efforts to protect their State electric grids by the utilities and their well-funded lobbyists who falsely claim Washington and the utilities are making great progress partnering on the EMP problem.  1,019 more words

Existential Threats

Marita on green subsidies and other manipulations for renewable sources

This is just plain bad policy–to prop up inefficient expensive projects that won’t produce a functional energy source.

Marita explains it well. I not she has been getting AMSPEC attention lately–good for her.

Climate Change

Marita marks the restart of a nuke in Japan

Nuclear Power is a very clean, safe and efficient thing.

Marita records the restart with some commentary on the nature of the problem of nuke phobia. 1,564 more words


Cyber attack on US power grid could cost economy US$1 trillion - report


Twilight covers New York and the Empire State Building in this southern view from the 65th floor of the GE Building, after a massive blackout knocked out power in 2003. 197 more words

Wave generator powers US electrical grid for the first time.

The US has started receiving power from wave energy for the first time, thanks to a prototype wave generator called Azura.

Installed off the coast of Hawaii at the US Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site in Kaneohe Bay, this 40-tonne, bright yellow device is the first of what the national Department of Energy (DoE) says could be a fleet of wave generators working together to supply clean, renewable power to America’s coastal cities. 313 more words