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[WEB SITE] New noninvasive treatment enables paralyzed men to move again

Five men who were completely paralyzed from the waist down have been able to move their legs thanks to a new noninvasive procedure.

Paralyzed patients were able to voluntary move their legs after electrical stimulation to their spinal cords. 780 more words

[ARTICLE] Brain-controlled functional electrical stimulation therapy for gait rehabilitation after stroke: a safety study - Full Text HTML



Many stroke survivors have significant long-term gait impairment, often involving foot drop.Current physiotherapies provide limited recovery. Orthoses substitute for ankle strength, but they provide no lasting therapeutic effect. 329 more words

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Professor Anthony J Sargeant and colleagues research into paralysed muscle of spinal cord injured people

This research supervised by Tony Sargeant and others was part of a series of studies looking at paralysed muscle properties and training  in persons with spinal cord injury. 243 more words

[WEB SITE] Neurorehabilitation; What are some of the things we know?

There is alot we still don’t know about what constitutes “best practice” when it comes to neurorehabilitation and how to affect optimal recovery and outcomes, but there are some things that we do have a better understanding of. 259 more words

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