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Electrical Stimulation, it will Shock you with it's Advancements!

Electrical Stimulation is being used in many different and interesting ways in our health care these days. If your heart stops beating, defibrillators are designed to shock your heart to stimulate it to continue beating. 114 more words

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[ARTICLE] Efficacy of electrical stimulation as an adjunct to repetitive task practice therapy on skilled hand performance in hemiparetic stroke patients: a randomized controlled trial


Objective: To assess the effects of additional electrical stimulation to hand muscles combined with repetitive task practice therapy on skilled hand performance in stroke patients. 243 more words

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Activated spinal cord cells ease symptoms in Parkinson´s disease

by Tanja Jensen

Cells in the spinal cord communicate with multiple brain regions. Stimulating these spinal cord cells suggest a way to treat a high amount of patients with Parkinson´s disease. 221 more words

Brain Machine Interface

[ARTICLE] Improving arm function in chronic stroke: a pilot study of sensory amplitude electrical stimulation via glove electrode during task-specific training


Objective: To investigate the effects of sensory amplitude electrical stimulation (SES) delivered by glove electrode during task-specific exercise on arm movement, function, and sensation in chronic stroke. 234 more words

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[ARTICLE] Effect of Central Versus Peripheral Stimulation on Hand Function in Stroke Patients - Full Text PDF


Background and Purpose: More than 60% of stroke survivors suffer from persistent neurological deficits that impair activities of daily living. Electrical stimulation is shown to be effective in enhancing the upper extremity functional recovery in stroke patients. 192 more words

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Pelvic Pain-Perhaps There Is Light At The End of The Tunnel of Love

This blog will discuss the condition of vaginismus or severe pelvic pain which makes it difficult and often impossible for a woman to engage in pleasurable sexual intimacy. 374 more words

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

[ARTICLE] The Effectiveness of Functional Electrical Stimulation on Walking Speed, Functional Walking Category and Clinically Meaningful Changes for People with Multiple Sclerosis


Objective: To determine the effectiveness of functional electrical stimulation (FES) on foot drop in patients with multiple sclerosis, (MS) using data from standard clinical practice. 215 more words