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The “Shocking” New Fitness Fad: Electrical Stimulation Units for Muscle Recovery

By Joe Ascher, PT, DPT

Recently we have seen a real “surge” in advertising for electrical stimulation units directed at “amping” up muscle recovery in athletes. 442 more words


Professor Anthony J Sargeant initiated this important research into human muscle fatigue in dynamic exercise

Anita Beelen was Tony Sargeant’s PhD student in Amsterdam and she was largely responsible for collecting and analysing the data of this research paper in the top rated Journal of Physiology. 396 more words

Twitches versus Movements: A Story of Motor Cortex

Modern study of the neurophysiology of the cerebral cortex began with Fritsch and Hitzig’s discovery that electrical stimulation of the cortex produces movements. The importance of this discovery was threefold: it was the first demonstration of cortex devoted to motor function, the first indication that the cortex was electrically excitable, and the first evidence of a topographically organized representation in the brain. 61 more words

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Professor Anthony J Sargeant and colleagues research into paralysed muscle of spinal cord injured people

This research supervised by Tony Sargeant and others was part of a series of studies looking at paralysed muscle properties and training  in persons with spinal cord injury. 243 more words