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Movies that make you cry and question your existence

I have this thing where I can’t get hooked on television shows unless I really enjoy them right from the first episode. This results in my love for movies. 526 more words

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2016 Movie-A-Day #23: Electrick Children



Movie-A-Day 2016 continues with Electrick Children, about a Mormon girl who believes listening to a song on audio cassette has made her pregnant.


Movie Review: Electrick Children

When a Mormon teenager falls pregnant, she believes that she has immaculately conceived a baby from God through rock music. 593 more words

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Teenage Subversion: On the Link Between Ethics and Aesthetics by Rochelle Hurt

Art You Engaged. / Are you engaged? is an emergency issue of The James Franco Review. Writers, editors, and artists around the country explored what it means for them to be politically or consciously engaged in their work and to also examine literature’s relationship to safety.  1,839 more words

Issue: Art You Engaged

Paper Towns: The Fault in Our Towns.

John Green is a great author, his film adaptions however aren’t that fun. I started reading his books in summer 2013 and I was hooked, … 371 more words

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#DirectedbyWomen: Rebecca Thomas' Electrick Children and what comes next

Artwork by Chloe Leeson

I saw stills from Electrick Children before I saw the movie. I remember the pink lights and the carnival world I fell in love with. 580 more words

Anything And Everything


It’s been way too long since I’ve sat, in a state of daze, with the credits rolling, saying, “Wow, what a fucking good movie.” Rebecca Thomas’s debut feature film, Electrick Children, though, left me with that feeling of bliss. 508 more words

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