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Songs of The Day: Trinere - I Know You Love Me, and Stay In Love With Me

Both tracks from Trinere’s 1986, eponymous debut, produced by electro/freestyle/bass master, Pretty Tony. A slept on club classic.

I Know You Love Me is clearly a party starter, with some nice lead guitar work. 15 more words


Going Analog

I did it! I’m on my way back to the stone age! This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened in the past few months! 425 more words


Song of The Day: Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train

Mr Robot kept up it’s streak of fine musical selections by paying homage to the famous Risky Business subway scene, with it’s own, sans sex, complete with Tangerine Dream. 20 more words


Songs of The Day: Cat Stevens - Trouble (1970), and Was Dog A Doughnut? (1977)

Happy birthday, Yusuf. I, as many people, have a particular fondness for Cat’s tender tracks that appeared in Harold & Maude, of which Trouble is my favorite. 21 more words


London based Vinyl Pimp Records, scores 24,000 record stash of Club/Dance music circa 1983-1993

An impressive haul, to say the least, though the hit to miss ratio is gonna be way more miss to hit, unquestionably. Even so, if only 20% is collectible, that’s still close to 5,000, with a lot of potential for remix rarities, white label oddities and some high dollar rewards, in a variety of genres. 14 more words