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Change Your Reality with Another Future Part I: Removing Anxiety

Every morning, I wake up with a feeling of anxiety. Almost always. It is a palpable feeling. It’s always there as soon as I open my eyes. 491 more words


Use WiFi? Find out how to minimise the potential hazards to health‏

Whether or not you use wifi we are almost all affected by wifi transmissions and electro magnetic frequencies as they are all around us as we go about our everyday lives. 1,177 more words

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Why Bio-Energetic?

Why Bio-Energetic?

How do EMF’s Affect Me?

Modern Technology, although crucial to our everyday lives, has increased our exposure to  hazardous electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s). We are under 100 million times more stress from EMF’s than our grandparents were. 252 more words

Pay Attention To This Message From Your Smart Phone Maker!

“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.”

~ James Russell Lowell

Articles are surfacing daily about the potential harm of cell phone radiation. 508 more words

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A “C _ _ _ _ m” For Your Mobile Phone?!

A “C _ _ _ _ m” For Your Mobile Phone?

Ah! Did that pique your interest? I sure the hell hope so! Especially, pregnant women and parents with children in the developing stages of life. 1,188 more words

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Dirty Energy

Yep, we got dirty laundry and we got dirty energy. It’s perpetual and inescapable and dirty energy means a dirty body…on the inside…

Our bodies (and earth) run on solar energy. 214 more words