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Three Quick Bursts of Reviews

It’s lovely out. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the park is full of drunk neds sans shirts who are slowly going a strange bright pink colour as the warm rays plough over their almost translucent Scottish skin. 728 more words


Finding Meaning in 0s and 1s: The Rise of Sheffield's CPU Records

Taking a look at the roster of Sheffield, U.K.’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) Records, it might be hard at first to spot a musical or geographic throughline in its roster of eclectic international electronic artists.  1,141 more words

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Reptant - Illusory [SALT008]

Reptant joins Salt Mines for their second record, Illusory. A tech-ed out step into the sewers of acid, break-beat & deep house.



Olivier Abbeloos’ ‘New Beat’ series of mixes are essential listening for anyone into early house and techno...

The ‘New Beat’ genre, which emerged out of the EBM and New Wave scene in the mid- to late-80s is arguably one of the most important, yet under-appreciated, in the history of electronic music. 914 more words


Review: Jensen Interceptor & The Hacker - Trigger Zone EP

The Hacker & Jensen Interceptor lock horns for their latest International Chrome Records release, ‘Trigger Zone’. The Waveform Transmitter’s Léa Ben Saïd gets to grips with three electro cuts.  331 more words

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