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VA - Various Squirrels Vol. 2 [SOFWHITE01ADE]

The Squirrels from San Francisco are back and they’re wearing white after Labor Day — pressing up a limited white-label 12”, full of the throbbing electro, altered-states body music, and head-in-the-clouds techno you’ve come to expect from Squirrels on Film.



N.O.I.A. - Forbidden Planet (Remixes) [NEXIT004]

The superb ‘Forbidden Planet’ is a shiny early electro cut with a great funk bass line, a real instrumental groove and fantastic melodies that shimmer like a hot sun. 165 more words


Mind Enterprises - 'Idol' + 10 best Italio disco tracks

Mind Enterprises – ‘Idol’ + 10 best Italio disco tracks

Time for a change of pace here with some Italio Disco from Andrea Tirone, a.k.a… 91 more words


Kirlian Camera – Hologram Moon

Dependent /Amped – 26th January 2018

It would be easy to criticise Kirlian Camera’s new album for being a genre stereotype, entrenched in darkwave clichés of thumping disco beats propelling shuddering sequenced bass undulations and chilly, inhuman synth sweeps. 425 more words



Experimenting with wavetable synthesis some more, I’ve created a little anthem for the IBM Q quantum computer. This was done in Cubase (9.5), using almost entirely Groove Agent for the drums and Padshop Pro for everything else, from pads to sound effects. 27 more words