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Crooked Teeth - Mirrors

Intergalactic planetary, planetary intergalactic… Sorry, I was listening to something else. What are we doing here? Oh, right. Here’s some electronic mastery from London’s Crooked Teeth… 201 more words


Helalyn Flowers

I use Spotify as my main source for finding new, at least to me, bands by jumping from one related artist to another. Today I found… 178 more words


UnknownmiX - Chew Some More [LXRC031]

UnknownmiX was a band active in Zürich between 1983 and 1992. Their music is a mixture of free vocalism, new wave and industrial, they released five LPs and three EPs. 64 more words


Neon Lights - Civil War | Big Room House

N O V U S   O R D O   S E C L O R U M

Neon Lights has already blown me away with some of their other house songs, and it’s fantastic to see them both on the new Ponies At Dawn album and featuring on Cider Party too! 42 more words

Solo Post

Glitch Code - Glimmer

Click: http://www.glitch-code.com Glitch Code is an award winning band performing their own style of rock, electro, and electronic music. This single titled “Glimmer” is from their new album “Gifted_Damaged”.

EP: EOD - Swurlk

Hollandalı prodüktör EOD Swurlks adında yeni bir kısa çalar yayımladı.

Eski ekol synth melodileri üzerine drill ritimleri ve electro dokunuşlarıyla inşa edilmiş bir klasik IDM çalışması.

TR Garage

'No Life On Mars' - the new video from Feline and Strange

Those are looking for something a little different today, then look no further! Berlin duo, Feline and Strange’s brand of cabaret infused electro-wave is about as out there as you’re going to get! 66 more words