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bloghouse essentials // by Clouders

In this playlist: an electro-disco house x french techno x american apparel playlist micro-movement of 2006ish to 2009ish brought upon by the first wave of democratized music writings online on blogs that’d hook you up w/ dat sweet download link; harder, better, faster, stronger, etc

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Valerie Temple Boyd - Comp Over

Splashes of Acid and sprinkles of Electro on this underground House/Techno tune from 2018 by the Canadian duo. Magda is fond of slipping this into her sets too.


Overcoats, 10/11/18, Emos’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up

Overcoats won over new fans opening for Mistki at Emo’s. Their beautiful harmonies and synchronized dance moves enthralled the crowd for the sold out show. The love shared with each other, the fans, and their music is palpable. 21 more words


Best Of The Represses Jan 2019.

What the actual drokk! 2019 is a made up year, isn’t it? IT’S ONLY SUPPOSED TO EXIST IN SCIENCE FICTION! Personally, I think this is at the heart of the human race’s current weirdness – we peaked in 1991 and now we just don’t know what to do with ourselves, and as we’re human (so I’m told) we’ve attempted to blast our way back to that temporal safety blanket by being fixated by walls, being fascinated by Bros, and listening to all our music on vinyl which is actually a bloody terrible way to listen to anything – although I guess it’s still better than having some dingbat like Kanye teleport the sounds right into our brains, and charge us every time they makes us blink. 951 more words