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«È il sistema che non funziona!»: Angelo Paccagnini (electroacoustic) music composer

Angelo Paccagnini (Castano Primo, 17/10/1930 – Milano, 02/07/1999) was an Italian composer and intellectual. He wrote instrumental and electroacoustic music; was the director of the Studio di Fonologia della RAI in Milan from 1968 to 1970, was an intellectual catalyst in the rediscovery of Ancient Music during the Sixties and the Seventies, wrote articles and gave talks and seminars on the pedagogy of music. 544 more words

Electroacoustic Music

Boulez goes electroacoustic

Répons (1981–84), the first major work to arise from Pierre Boulez’s involvement with IRCAM, is underpinned by a collection of five chords. Surface details interact with the compositional scheme but achieve a certain independence and spontaneity. 118 more words


The Harmonically Ecosystemic Machine; Sonic Space No. 7

The Harmonically Ecosystemic Machine – Sonic Space No. 7; is an interactive music performance system building on the combined work of the three contributing the artist/researcher’s, Michael Musick, Jonathan Forsyth, and Rachel Bittner. 86 more words

The "Sonic Spaces" Project

Who Heard What And When

Thanks to Séverine Ballon for the two fantastic performances of this new piece – at CCRMA and at The Center For New Music in SF. 7 more words

Older Original Music[k]


A piece for dance.

It Just Starts This Way

A piece written for dance.

In The Moment of June (Live SuperCollider Improvisation 5.6.11-12.32pm)

This is an improvisation, inspired by a long composing session during a warm May day in which all I could think about was wandering around the Colorado Mountains the following June. 261 more words

Original Music

John Holland - Visitations of J. S. Bach


There are six tracks of music containing original electronic sounds. In addition, there are fragments from traditional works of J. 116 more words

Baroque Instruments

December 6th, Padova Teatro Ruzante: Monocollettivo Live-Set !

Workshop + concerto di musica elettronica del gruppo MONOCOLLETTIVO.

L’evento conclude il Laboratorio di Musica Elettroacustica, organizzato in collaborazione tra il Dipartimento di Beni Culturali e Veneto Jazz.  248 more words

Electroacoustic Music