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Electro Camp 2015 - festival & workshop, September 9-13

Electronicgirls è una netlabel dedicata all’attività delle donne nel campo della musica elettronica del presente e del passato. Dal 9 al 13 Settembre (Forte Marghera, Venezia) Electronicgirls organizza questo evento (festival + workshop) a cui non potete mancare. 96 more words

Electroacoustic Music

樂之道 Gaku-no-Michi

電子原音音樂(electroacoustic music)在本地並不普及,然而這是音樂歷史中其中一個極具影響力的音樂形式。它擴張了音樂的可能性,透過巧妙的混音技術把一些我們熟知的聲音印象改變,刺激我們的想像。因為本地聲音藝術家Edwin Lo(又稱Auditory Scenes)的邀請,法國電子原音音樂作曲家Jean-Claude Eloy首度來港演出,並出席講座及大師班,分享他身為作曲家的歷程以及對電子原音音樂創作的感想與看法。

這可是我第一次感受電子原音音樂的現場演出,非常難忘。這晚,Jean-Claude Eloy帶來他事業生涯中非常重要、亦最廣為人知的作品《樂之道》(Gaku-no-Michi)。四小時的演出,沒有中場休息,觀眾必須在漆黑的環境中靜心聆聽。作品中包含Jean-Claude Eloy於日本取樣的聲音,如鐵路月台廣播的聲音、街道人潮的聲音,還有各種因為拼合扭曲而變得抽象的電子聲響。Jean-Claude Eloy在現場即席混音,把作品當中的四大主題「東京」、「不識」、「流動」、「回想」逐一呈現。


“My music endeavors to convey all forces of nature. The forces of war like the forces of peace. 59 more words


Johannes Kreidler - musik mit musik (CD Review)

Musik mit Musik

Johannes Kreidler

Wergo CD

Nadar Ensemble, Daan Janssens, conductor; Ensemble LUX:NM; Ensemble Mosaik; Ensemble Modern, Johannes Kalitzke, conductor

Johannes Kreidler’s music is Darmstadt’s most persuasive response yet to hip hop’s sample and mixing DJ. 267 more words


Women In Engineering - open access articles

I am so happy to share with you this link I received from Taylor & Francis:  Women in Engineering. They have collected together (and share for free!) a number of articles for, about or written by women from across a range of subject areas – particularly engineering (STEM science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) and including Education, Behaviour Science, Science & Technology, Gender Studies, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, Materials Science and Cultural Studies. 38 more words

Electroacoustic Music

Alphastare releases 'Current Birds' on WEATNU Records!

This is a digital only release on the label WEATNU Records. This video that accompanies the track ‘Walked Right In’ was shot where the sounds were captured for that particular piece. 53 more words


Thursday: Sarah Plum at Spectrum

On Thursday, June 25th at 7:00 PM, violinist Sarah Plum plays a concert at  Spectrum (121 Ludlow Street, NYC). Tickets are $15 ($10 for students and seniors) and are available at the door. 148 more words


First Electromatronic concert 30th May 2015

For a while Ive wanted to promote & explore live electronic art music, which I feel is still underexplored, at least in the UK. Having collaborated successfully several times with Automatronic, which was set up by a collective of organists to explore the pipe organ with electronics in a contemporary context, so myself and Chrissie Caulfield set up Electromatronic to explore live electronics without the pipe organ. 446 more words

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