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ECT: Blowing up some myths - Part 2

Where were we? That’s right. We’d left me in a state of catatonic depression. If you haven’t read Part 1 of this post, which dropped yesterday, I suggest doing so now. 976 more words

ECT: Blowing up some myths - Part 1

(Please note – this post contains vivid descriptions of severe clinical and catatonic depression)

Let’s play a quick game of word associations: If I say Electroconvulsive Therapy or Electroshock Therapy, you think…What? 1,141 more words


How do you make your decisions? Gut feeling or logic?

I am rational over emotional. Give me scientific data or a good pro/con list over intuition any day. 811 more words

Happy New Year: 2017 in Review

I know it has been a while since Nathan and I have shared what is going on with us. In lieu of a Christmas letter, I usually like to do a little blog update. 2,671 more words