Dana Accidentally Electrocutes Himself

We were living at Las Colinas at the time. Though the details escape me, I will never forget the day you electrocuted yourself.

I was sitting at the dining room table doing homework and you were walking around the house doing random stuff. 77 more words


FOTD: Sugarpill's Hellatronic Has Broken My Heart

Ages and ages ago, Sugarpill released the ElectroCutes – five loose shadows that are neon, color-shifting, and a shot of sparkle right to the jugular. 552 more words


Edison Electrocutes An Elephant (incl video)

 In 1903,  Topsy, a performing, bicycle-riding  elephant from Coney Island’s Luna Park was publicly executed.

The  28 year old female elephant was ordered to be put to death after developing a habit of killing her keepers, including one who’d tried to force her to eat a lighted cigarette. 797 more words

Gaye Crispin