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Turn Your Sweat into Data with this New Fitness Sensor

“The biosensor strips will slip right into third-party fitness trackers, most likely on the backside, so it touches the wearer’s skin.”

Not only does sweat help your body cool down, it also reveals useful information about your health. 121 more words


A Letter to National Pain Report that will NEVER be Published!

Yep! Fighting evil as usual! Fear no more! Eventually the truth will come out. The problem is that entire industries that depend on “helping” migraineurs during their migraines by selling them “abortive” medicines and in between providing “preventive” medicines that do nothing but make people sick and big pharma rich, will disappear if they let the truth be seen! 565 more words

On Migraines

Electrolyte "Electro" Popze

Why not make a Electro Popze IcepopIt for the super hot days of summer which provides the necessary ingredients for an all natural electrolyte?

Ingredients: 75 more words


Are you tired of artificial sports drinks? Well if you are and want a healthier electrolyte for hydration get your hands on Pure Sports Hydration. Pure Sports Hydration Pty Ltd is based in Brisbane, Australia and supplies the Australian market with Pure Sports Nutrition products. 416 more words


Small Ruminant Spotlight: Survive-D Supplement

This week, we look at our Survive-D supplement that is a vitamin E and electrolyte supplement that is suitable for newborn fawns and weak, off-feed animals. 28 more words

Reproduction Provisions

Global Electrolyte Solution Industry 2015 Market Survey Study Analysis and Overview - QY Research

Research Report on Global Electrolyte Solution Industry 2015 Market Research Report. The Report includes market price, demand, trends, size, Share, Growth, Forecast, Analysis & Overview. 62 more words