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Salt Increases BP? Really?

Salt Increases BP? So does when I am hungry, or angry, or it is spring time!

My article (only a one-pager) on blood pressure and salt is finally out in print in a medical academic journal ( 262 more words


International Flight? Don't Dehydrate, Electrolyte Now!

Sitting on a flight for hours passing the time away with movies, magazines and music so many times we forget to take in fluids. Did you know when you fly over 5 hours your body starts to react as if you were walking in the desert for hours? 170 more words

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Is Hot Yoga Really Good for You?

Hot Yoga is a very popular form of yoga practiced by many. Participants exclaim the benefits of hot yoga as increasing flexibility and relaxation. However, a kinesiology study is not supporting those claims. 386 more words


Healthy Hydration: Do It Yourself Electrolyte

Have you ever read some of the nasty things they put into bottled electrolyte drinks? Natural and artificial flavors, high amounts of refined sugar, color, and other chemicals to make it more commercially acceptable. 270 more words


Guest Post: Give Your Run A Boost With These 3 Tips

Brooke Cade is a freelance writer with Nature’s Sunshine products. She passionate about health and wellness and enjoys writing about all the things she loves in life, including running, yoga, … 623 more words



Now the autumn is in full swing here in the UK and the temperatures are falling, it may not seem like a pertinent time to talk about hydration. 713 more words


Medicines Used for Migraines & Depression

Are Medicines Needed? 

Migraines and depression are considered to be neurological diseases though some treat them as mental illnesses with the associated stigma . Both migraines and depression are energy crisis and can be stopped by voltage applied to specific brain regions in trouble. 1,214 more words