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Your Brain on Electro-Magnetic Fields

Current cockpits are flooded with radio frequency (RF) noise from on-board emissions, communication links, and navigation electronics, including strong electromagnetic (EM) fields from audio headsets and helmet tracking technologies. 341 more words


Radio waves

It’s late at night. Maybe you’re staying in a cabin out in the woods. You’re awake. No cell service, no tv, no computer. Only an old battery-powered radio—the kind that has a dial to tune in stations. 304 more words

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Scientists Want To Know More About Using UV Light to Fight COVID-19 Spread

By Will Stone Kaiser Health News

Jul 22, 2020

High up near the ceiling, in the dining room of his Seattle-area restaurant, Musa Firat recently installed a “killing zone” — a place where swaths of invisible electromagnetic energy penetrate the air, ready to disarm the coronavirus and other dangerous pathogens that drift upward in tiny, airborne particles. 1,720 more words

New Solar Codes and Stability Fields ~ HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION ~ May 4, 2020

Editor’s Note: Can you feel it? Can you feel various cosmic photonic gamma energies streaming to the Earth at this time? Being clairaudient, I can… 171 more words