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the zombie apocalypse genre: a case of mass psychological conditioning?

So-called zombie apocalypse movies, gory as these are, have become persistent and nearly ubiquitous over the past 20 years.  A not insignificant percentage of each year’s movie production in Hollywood is devoted to putting out these type of movies.  927 more words


Who is afraid of nuclear war?

The Economist recently published a series of articles about the potential for a nuclear war between great powers.  A nuclear war is a major threat to the existence of mankind on this planet but it is only one of several threats and some of the others may be greater, in part because they are less well understood. 447 more words



There are few hills I will die on, but one of them involves electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). They are real, they happen, they can be created at a certain level, and they will knock out electronics. 616 more words


New Worries About Apocalyptic EMP Attacks Give Congressional Committee Fresh Life

Travis J. Tritten reports: An obscure congressional committee was set to disband this fall after issuing apocalyptic warnings since 2001 about an attack it claimed could kill most of the U.S. 435 more words


No Your World Will Not Go Dark Today

A woman in Michigan is posting a video on Facebook claiming that the Department of Defense is going to create an electromagnetic pulse test that will leave us all in the dark. 88 more words

EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse Nov 4, 2017 What you need to know...

For all those concerned about NOV 4th, the electromagnetic pulse, EMT, there are things you can do to protect yourselves. You need to get yourself some shungite and orgonite . 686 more words