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Mass Effect: Andromeda - My First Four Hours With The Game

One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, Mass Effect: Andromeda, finally released last week and there’s already so much to say about the game. 983 more words

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Titanfall 2 review - Rise of the Titans

Title: Titanfall 2
Alternative title: TF2
Developers: Respawn Entertainment
Publishers: Electronic Arts
Genre: First-person shooter/platformer/puzzle
Engine: Source
Format: PS4 (reviewed), X1, PC
Release: October 28, 2016… 2,550 more words


Most Amazing Things About Mass Effect Andromeda

This is one of the richest mythologies and franchise lores in entertainment history – something that – miraculously – manages to elevate Andromeda far higher than it would otherwise deserve. 565 more words


Titanfall 2 : Colony Reborn DLC Trailer

The next piece of free DLC for Titanfall 2 has been announced and it includes yet another fan favorite map from Titanfall 1.  The trailer highlights Colony returning alongside new Prime titans, new executions, returning weapons, and new cosmetics.  46 more words

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Electronic Arts Details EA Play 2017

EA announced some of the details of it’s EA Play E3 conference today.  They confirmed Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the next Need for Speed will be playable along with the usual suspects in Madden and FIFA 18.  99 more words

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Why gamers should take issue with games like ME: Andromeda

I have a serious question for my regular readers? Why has it suddenly become okay for developers to release unfinished, unpolished broken games? And when has it become acceptable for a portion of the gaming community to defend these bad business practices?Now don’t get me wrong. 1,131 more words


A little more slamming

It is only one day from release and the initial findings I saw, with which I stand, needs adjustment. You see, those reviewers who got the full copy, learned a few more things, and actual gameplay shows issues that all the YouTube play throughs never did. 767 more words