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A Very Unnecessary & Wordy Title That I Don't Expect You to Read About a Post Regarding The Evolution of Language Also Known As Chatspeak

Chatspeak is the term used for abbreviations and slang commonly used in electronic communication, including text messages, email, and instant messaging. It most commonly comes in the form of letter homophones, such as “LOL,” or onomatopoeic spellings, like “haha.” 184 more words

Electronic Communication

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thuyble (11:26:01 PM): I used to talk on the phone with my friends all the time. I would memorize their home telephone numbers and dial the numbers whenever I wanted to talk to them. 568 more words

Electronic Communication

Autocorrect Error

By Austin B. Hahn

A husband once sent to his wife:

“Honey, there’s a cuntry club opening soon. You should think about joining.”


Oh, I have to leave?

I met with my adviser a couple of weeks ago to go over my final semester of college. I felt under-whelmed compared to what I thought setting-up the final semester of classes of my undergrad career would feel like. 653 more words

A cup of tea and a content analysis

I have always been interested in actually sticking with a blog and reviewing products that I use that I want to share with others, or similarly, review products that companies send bloggers for positive reviews, as long as they are a reputable product/organization, of course. 1,179 more words

When will my avatar show, who I am, outside.

Developing my avatar, or my online persona, has been weighing heavily on my mind recently after already submitting to and continuing the search for summer internships. 752 more words

Midterm Paper 2

Dom Sagolla’s 140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form focuses on the impact of Twitter, especially important information for non-profits to employ. Each chapter focuses on a facet of Twitter which needs to be properly executed in order to have a successful Twitter campaign. 728 more words