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E-Com with Benefits

People just watch their favorite TV show, listen to a radio program, or read pages of broadsheets or magazines, all day – or even all night long.

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Electronic Communication

Inertia Blues

Where we last left off, I was logging the minute details of my doctor’s visits for the mystery lump. I was frustrated. But I had a boyfriend, a whole new slew of medications whose relief I looked forward to, and in spite of being ill, a steady stream of jobs that I was grateful for. 623 more words

Benefits of studying E-Communication

Communication is now far more than just making speeches and talking to people face-to-face. E-communication takes communication to another level. Same with communication, it is very significant for us to be an effective e-communicator to build deeper and better relationships, more successful school and career experiences and generally be happier. 1,250 more words


Have You Looked at Your Email Disclaimer Lately?

It has become routine for attorneys to include a disclaimer in their emails. But like anything else that becomes routine, some attorneys have lost track of the purpose of the disclaimer and could benefit from a little thought on improving its language and placement. 466 more words

Practice Of Law

Wholesome Speech

Nurses are regularly in complex, conflict-laden, and high-pressure situations with colleagues and the people they serve. Providing the best possible health care involves passion and dedicated communication, but sometimes our natural reactions can affect the way we speak to others. 649 more words


Electronic Communications: The New Way of Life  

In 2015, the Philippines was aptly dubbed as the ‘social media capital of the world’ because of Pinoys’ very high usage of internet. Quite ironic though, studies have shown that the country still lags behind in terms of internet speed. 683 more words

Electronic Communication