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Please Call First

We learned that sometimes, people spend a fair amount of time searching our Facebook pages and websites for a way to send an instant message or email… eventually settling on a phone call to… 248 more words

Social Media: Are they really necessary?

Yes. Social medias are necessary, if not inherent, to organizations. Why? First, we must determine what a “social media” is. Literally, a “social media” is any tool used to communicate. 435 more words


Emoji Equality

Writer: Teresa Madaleno

Over the weekend, I was visiting a small Ontario town with a girlfriend when I overheard a group of young people outside an ice cream parlour having a debate about emoji equality. 273 more words

Teresa Madaleno

Friends for Funding

The biggest takeaway for me from this class is the need for transparency in our content. People have a hard time arguing honesty, and it is also an attribute we not only look for in people,  but in organizations. 834 more words

Final Post

This semester has been a good learning opportunity filled with tools to use in future endeavors. The skills taught and learned gave deeper insight into how to use social media for social good, and to create content that reflects the passion in whatever we decide to do. 1,237 more words

One Oh Fo Sho

This post is designed to build my avatar and give you guys a feel for what I have experienced semi-recently that has lead me to where I am today. 860 more words

A Very Unnecessary & Wordy Title That I Don't Expect You to Read About a Post Regarding The Evolution of Language Also Known As Chatspeak

Chatspeak is the term used for abbreviations and slang commonly used in electronic communication, including text messages, email, and instant messaging. It most commonly comes in the form of letter homophones, such as “LOL,” or onomatopoeic spellings, like “haha.” 184 more words

Electronic Communication