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Hackers or Hoaxers?

When you picture a hacker normally the first image that comes to your head is of a loner who never leaves his mom’s basement but stays put in front of his computer screen illuminating his face with a green tinge of light. 890 more words

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Online Community Spirit

Internet based information and communication technologies have enabled the evolution of new ways to communicate and, in turn, created new and dispersed communities. According to… 570 more words


We Want It All, We Want It Now

The use of social media has exploded in recent years and in many different forms: social networking sites, internet forums, email, blogs, vlogs, open source (wikis). 533 more words

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The Evolution of the Emoticon

In the last 50 years or so we have seen a constant growth of electronic communication, so much so that it is now part of our everyday life. 500 more words

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Legal Ethics of Electronic Communication

This blog previously looked at both the ethical implications of cloud computing and state-level initiatives addressing cloud privacy concerns.  Another area of concern is the lax ethical requirements of attorneys to encrypt electronic communication (i.e., e-mail) that contains confidential client information. 307 more words

Ethical Duties

Please Call First

We learned that sometimes, people spend a fair amount of time searching our Facebook pages and websites for a way to send an instant message or email… eventually settling on a phone call to… 248 more words

Social Media: Are they really necessary?

Yes. Social medias are necessary, if not inherent, to organizations. Why? First, we must determine what a “social media” is. Literally, a “social media” is any tool used to communicate. 435 more words