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My longest entry

I am beginning to like writing my thoughts down on paper; it is somewhat cathartic. I have yet to make the leap into a full time journal writer, but I am enjoying practicing my cursive more and more. 94 more words


Find Inconsistent Document Tags with Excel

Scenario:  You’re doing QC on a batch of reviewed documents that needs to be released for production.  One thing you need to check for is whether family members… 1,181 more words


Information Governance vs. eDiscovery

I have a new post up on Greg Buckles’ eDJ Blog on the intersection of information governance and eDiscovery.

Thanks, Greg, for the forum!


Drinking From A Fire Hose

Ralph Losey has written a 10,000-word essay on the best practice (note the singular use of the word) for culling irrelevant documents from a deduplicated, de-NISTed data corpus. 176 more words


Can You Be a "Salesman" and Still Be Part of the Solution?

I had a job interview by telephone last week. The position’s job posting read as though it had been lifted from my career bucket list; everything I want my career to be, and all the experience I have obtained, meshed perfectly with the contents of the job description. 319 more words

My $0.02

Tracking Duplicates with MATCH, INDEX, and COUNTIF

Today’s post is about a powerful Excel formula for tracking duplicates in a large set of email metadata.  This routine is not for the faint of heart, but if you are managing a document production, supervising a redaction project, or creating a privilege log, this method will save you many hours of time and reduce the likelihood of mistakes.  714 more words


It's Worth The Reminder

If you have done one of these published “Q&A” things before, as I have, you know that the author not only provides the A, but also the Q. 126 more words

Industry Standards