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Glenn Greenwald | Banned in Israel: An Interview With BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti

 BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti Banned by Israel From Traveling, Threatened With Worse

By Glenn Greenwald
The Intercept  May 13 2016

DESPITE HAVING LIVED in Israel for 22 years with no criminal record of any kind, Omar Barghouti (above) was… 5,315 more words

Human Rights

On Eve Of Australian Speaking Tour, Palestinian Journalist Ali Abunimah Still Waiting For Visa Approval

On Eve Of Australian Speaking Tour, Palestinian Journalist Ali Abunimah Still Waiting For Visa Approval

By Chris Graham on March 14, 2016

With less than a week before he’s supposed to board a flight to Australia to speak at a major conference about the ongoing struggle for Palestinian justice, a prominent Palestinian-American journalist is still waiting on the Turnbull government to issue him a travel visa. 1,335 more words


New review: 'Men of Capital'

Electronic Intifada, 14th January 2016

Defying stereotypes of Mandate-period Palestinians as divided between a distant, dislocated upper class of “notables” and a majority of uneducated, rebellious peasants, Seikaly charts the complexities of Palestinian society of the time.

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Reviewed: 'La Estrella Invisible'

Electronic Intifada, 17th September 2015

On one level, these are deeply personal poems — intimate, allusive, sometimes subtly erotic. On another, though, the subtitle of the collection betrays the larger question of identity and politics which lies behind the individual experience.

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Hebrew in Hebron and Gaza

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I came across an article in ElectronicIntifada.net (2013) by a Palestinian-American born in Washington and educated in the States, who was amazed and appalled to “find Hebrew everywhere” in Gaza. 1,185 more words

Deconstructing the NATO Narrative on Syria

By Eva Bartlett | Dissident Voice | October 10, 2015

Over the past five years, the increasingly ridiculous propaganda against President al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has ranged from the scripted (OTPOR fomented -“

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The Constant Cruelty of the Israeli Occupation: A No-go Zone in The NY Times

As Israelis and Palestinians die in an upsurge of violence, The New York Times fails once again to give readers an honest look at the causes of this agonizing conflict. 609 more words