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The Secret Language of Desire

The Secret Language of Desire is a unique interactive erotica app that traces a woman’s journey from everyday life into a landscape of sensuality and desire. 143 more words

Interactive Narrative

“It was as if she was gathering a collection, the fragments and slivers of desire…”

Interactive Narrative

The story...

A newly-separated single mother navigates unfamilar territory as she discovers that the internet has transformed the dating scene, offering a raft of new experiences as well as posing unexpected dangers. 90 more words

Interactive Narrative

Interactive elements

Every chapter within The Secret Language of Desire contains unique interactive elements which support the narrative and themes of the work. On screen objects – flowers, telephones, keys, photos and other items – can be touched, triggering animations and sound. 35 more words

Interactive Narrative


Here is a short demo video showing some of the interactive and audio aspects of the app. All content © Megan Heyward 2015. All rights reserved. 14 more words

Interactive Narrative

“These are the memories that are traced on skin…”

Interactive Narrative

...And Second Thoughts.

You know that moment when you think you’ve thought a plan through sufficiently, but then you reexamine your setup and realize that there’s a vital step you’ve missed? 217 more words

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