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Electronic Literature Collection #2

-Reviewed by Strat Mastoris

I was given the link to Electronic Literature Collection volume 2 a few weeks before Christmas, and suddenly it was like having an oversized Advent Calendar on my computer screen. 1,409 more words

Online Magazine

Quick tour to the land of digital literature

At the Symposium on Manitoba Writing held in Winnipeg last week, I signed up for a 3-hour “Reading digital literature” workshop, which wasn’t strictly Manitoban but a bonus opportunity because of the presence of… 365 more words


Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two

Separation / Séparation (2002) included in
The Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two.

The game and dialogue among artist, machine, and reader facilitates a general reflection on the role of the body in processes of reading and writing… 96 more words

Net Art


“Birds Singing Other Birds’ Songs” is a unique artistic endeavor based on language and sound, using animated type used as the primary visually element. After a number of encounters with this playful piece, I do not fully understand what I am supposed to take away from it, but as visual art I found it really charming in a quirky sort of way. 406 more words


Chemical Landscapes Digital Tales

By Megan Finnerty & Salome Fornier-Hanlon


“Chemical Landscapes Digital Tales” by Edward Falco, Mary Pinto and Will Stauffer-Norris, is a visual poetry piece that combines eight abstract chemical and light created photographs, each depicting different lands, with their own constructed texts whose content and formatting reflect the art upon which they are displayed. 908 more words

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Does Artwork Come With Instruction Manuals?

By Ady Tang

Artwork is an expression of creativity that can be interpreted in many ways by different audiences. However, the artist always envisions a particular way that the artwork should be comprehended. 403 more words

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